The MuthaTrucker!

21 determined souls strolled into the gloom this morning to experience a workout that was a little different from the norm.  It was quickly decided that YHC has no idea how to split up a large group of men into 5 smaller groups.  We did figure it out with some help from the UNC brain trust and we got rolling with;

Warm Up

Dynamic warm up around Church (wasn’t as dynamic as I’d planned)

Stations explained as we go

Count off into teams and complete the following

Station 1

Sledge Hammer Slam


Tire carry around islands

Station 2

Tire Flips up and down parking lot

Station 3

Mason twist with sandbags x 20

Cinderblock burpees w/ curl press

Station 4

Battle ropes

50 alternating slams

50 power slams

50 sidewinders

100 KB Swings

100 Dutch Cucumbers

100 Tricep Extensions

This is all brought together and controlled by station 5 – The Truck Push!

A 10,000lb F250 is pushed continuously around the Church.  As you get to a station, the pushing team starts the exercise at that stain and the other group takes over pushing.

Like the ticker hand on a clock, the truck keeps moving and men keep rotating.

Some Mary was done.

The Truckin Moleskin;

  1. That was fun.
  2. Amazing how fast the time went this morning.  I was totally confused when everyone started walking back for Mary, I thought we had at least 15 mins left!
  3. Hard to see how every group did, but I do know that Major Pains group killed it!

44 thoughts on “The MuthaTrucker!

  1. Buckwheat

    Mother Trucker, that was tough but fun. Loved it! TClaps to @Dingo and @Coyote for their creativity on this one. We need to replicate this beatdown once a month at Tradition, if not in a boot camp at Iron Fist.

    Great partnering w/ you guys @Sensei, @Landlord, and FNG. Way to push yourself through a tough one!

    I noticed that only one Highlander was present and accounted for. Way to break away from the norm and taste a little something different @Pavarotti!

    @Chowder, how are those #soccerarms feeling this morning? #skeeredofastrengthworkout???

    1. Dingo Post author

      Aye! @Coyote and I will no doubt spend the good part of today inside that F250 discussing ways to improve this beatdown! The initial push around the church was a little easier than expected. But less pax or more incline will fix that!

      @chowder undoubtably has some legs for running, but I’m afraid his strength is definitely in question now! @triplethreat is in no danger of losing his name.

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      I disagree. This should not be moved to Iron Fist. This was a great bootcamp beat down.

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Great beat down this morning. I really enjoyed it. Nice job @dingo and @coyote.

  3. Jumanji

    I agree. Lots of fun. Almost didn’t come this morning glad I dragged myself out of bed. Keep up the good work @dingo and @coyote.

  4. MrBelding

    “Oh my gosh, are you guys in college!?” And who was the one who was struggling with the math @dingo…?

    @dingo/@coyote- that was a definitely a beatdown to remember. Thanks for putting it together guys.

  5. Winnebago

    You guys are barkin’ but are you bitin’? We need a WIB week repeat to see how you all have progressed. This does look fun though.

    1. Dingo Post author

      Lot of Highlanders do a lot of “barking” yet the numbers speak for themselves – highlanders 1 – Traditioners 20

      Keep running around and we will keep lifting

      1. Winnebago

        20-1? That is a red herring. By that logic there were zero Traditon pax at Highlands today. I am just saying when accusations of #soccerarms get thrown around it is dbl. BS 1) maybe Chowder or any of us had something else going on and 2) I played soccer and am cool with my arms.

        WIB week lock it up. Highlands vs tradition. I know you have been stacking the deck with Hate Hates bring it

        1. Forgotten Jelly

          Not trying to add to the friendly banter here, but wasn’t a tweet sent out last night to announce this workout and challenge people to come? Just asking.

        2. Kato

          Rolling Stone would like in on the WIB week fun. We have a little WIB that I’m sure everyone else will enjoy.

  6. Bottom Dweller

    Sorry I missed all the fun this morning. Sounds like a great beatdown and a good time was had by all. I hope to be in on it next time!

  7. Buckwheat

    @Winnebago, check Twitter. Nothing personal here, just some friendly banter. @Chowder was proudly talking about his soccerarms last night and was challenged to show today….

    1. Winnebago

      I am not really mad. But felt some bombs were being thrown to the tune only one Highlander posted there like we were scared. I saw the tweet and thought it was appealing but had an FNG I have worked on for months posting. I will ride solo into your house for any WIB. You guys rock and are doing big big things buddy. But like Pedro Martinez said “who’s your daddy”

  8. Pavarotti

    Wow, Pedro and Taylor quotes in the same BB. Nice work Dingo and Coyote.


  9. BlindDate

    Awesome workout @Dingo and @Coyote. Very creative and I liked it as a bootcamp exercise. You don’t realize how hard that workout is until I tried to stand up from my desk a few minutes ago. I must have gotten the wrong advice on Station #3 because we were definitely not doing mason twists with the sand bag as posted above. Instead, we were doing some Russian squat exercise which was much tougher than mason twists.

    Thanks for partnering up Hoody, Seeker and Raptor. Good work.

  10. Dropcloth

    Well this has been a fun read! All sorts of love being thrown out here and mighty funny too.

    However, Dingo when you quoted Taylor Swift are you sure the M didn’t hijack your account? #shameful

    1. Dingo Post author

      Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate….so I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake, shake it off, shake it off!

  11. Maximus_MECA

    Tremendous workout @dingo and @coyote! As mentioned – outstanding preparation and creativity. No idea what was happening – with a truck, tires, ropes, kbells and sandbags all over the place. Better than the ironman competition that’s on tv! This was for real.

  12. Dutch

    Not to mention the sledgehammers and cinderblocks

    A styx tune come to mind as well- too much time on my hands– wionder what dingo and coyote are scheming up next?

    dingo and coyote are scheming up next?

        1. BlindDate

          In Dingo’s defense, he does live in a house with a LOT of females so these song references are inevitable. But don’t get me wrong, if he starts humming or singing any of these while we are working out, I’m outta there.

          1. Coyote

            Yeah we are going to have to cut back on KB swings because Dingo will be getting too excited about the thrusting!

  13. Buckwheat

    Maybe Dutch’s dog can pull us since that’s usually what he brings to a beatdown.?.?.?

  14. Maximus_MECA

    Ah yes… Good recollection @coyote. I remember now according to our fearless leader @dingo’s instructions to the Pax, including several FNG’s is that he is an easy Q, and that the kettlebell swing done properly should “be a violent thrust of the hips”. Very creative individual.

  15. Osceola

    I figured I would let it cool down a bit before I posted. Much Thanks to @Coyote and @Dingo for the work. tons of fun and the fact that Dingo’s music tastes are on display is even better ;).

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