Recon and Playground Assault, American Ninja Warrior Style

Boondocks pax have been posting at Hickory Grove Baptist Church for over six weeks now, but we barely scratched the surface of what the AO has to offer.  YHC thought it was time to take a property tour and find out what we have been missing.


Mosey over to the Spanish church.

  • Shimmy the length of the handrails with feet on one rail and hands on the other. Run to the second set of rails and repeato.  Do both sets again.
  • Human Rail Slalom: manoeuvre body between top and bottom rails and around each post for length of the handrail.  Run to second set of rails and repeato.

Mosey to big parking lot (mistakenly labelled F2) for TOP (Triangle of Pain).

  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x10
  • Plank Series: Merkins x10, Side Plank (both sides), Elbow Plank w/opposite leg and arm lifts, Carolina Dry Docks x10.
  • Moroccan Night Club x20
  • LBC x25

The Thang

Time for the tour.  During the long mosey we add pain stations and exercises as we see fit.

  1. 1 Burpee
  2. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins
  3. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins, 3 Air Squats
  4. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins, 3 Air Squats, 4 Mountain Climbers
  5. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins, 3 Air Squats, 4 Mountain Climbers, 5 LBC,
  6. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins, 3 Air Squats, 4 Mountain Climbers, 5 LBC, 6 Swing Merkins,
  7. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins, 3 Air Squats, 4 Mountain Climbers, 5 LBC, 6 Decline Merkins, BTW (as long as possible)
  8. 1 Burpee, 2 Merkins, 3 Air Squats, 4 Mountain Climbers, 5 LBC, 6 Decline Merkins, 7 dips, 8 Step Ups each leg.

We mosey past the front of the Family Life Building, then past the front of the church, watching our shadows Side Straddle Hop on the walls in front of the spotlights, around to the school entrance, weaving through the columns, and over to the playground across the parking lot.

At the playground wall, we sit in Peoples Chair until our legs burn, then add Air Presses x25. Now it is time to assault the playground!  From a concealed position behind the wall, we launch ourselves over the wall and head for the monkey bars, then across the crooked balance beam, as someone calls out, “The ground is lava.” Then comes the balancing monkey bars that shift with your body weight, making it that much harder to keep your grip. “American Ninja Warrior!”  Now we scale the outside of the tower over to the fireman’s ladder and up.  Once on the tower, we cross the bridge and make our escape through a tunnel slide.

Mosey over to the swings for Round Six of our pain stations. Then over the wall to continue our mosey.  We exploit any obstacle or hill as we make our way to the sports field and the second baseball field.

Completing Round 8 at the picnic benches, we use three sets of bleachers as obstacles, going up and over them from the front and the back.

Mosey past the second baseball field to the secret field.  We find football sleds that look fun, so we pull out the two-person sled and push it halfway across the field and back.

We continue our mosey around the the baseball field and back to the cars for Mary.


  • LBC x25
  • Russian Twist x12
  • WWII Situps 10 OYO
  • V-ups 10 OYO
  • Homer-to-Marge Merry Medley: Includes Homer-to-Marge, Low Dolly, Rosalita (and sometimes Low Flutter). Feet never touch the ground.


  1. YHC enjoyed making this one it up as we went. (Well, I had some ideas already thought out.)  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.
  2. Heard a lot of “I didn’t know this was here.”  Hopefully exploring today gave everyone some ideas for future Qs.  There are still a few hidden corners that we didn’t get to and things we passed up that we’ll need to explore later.
  3. Keep EHing!  We need to grow this thing.  Email if you know anyone interested in working out at Reedy Creek Park on Saturdays.