NoDa Power Hour

El Dorado.  She’s an intellectual type for sure.  Has she ever even left campus?  She’s more interested in your brain than your brawn with deep existential questions like, “What is pain?”

And then there’s Lady Horseshoe.  She’s a suburban queen with her manicured lawns of perfect petunias, but the only thing on her “honey do” list is:  Pick up some pain.

And oh yes… there’s Miss Mutha.  She’s an uptown glory girl and she’s high maintenance.  She’ll seduce you, let you dance with her, but she’s going to leave you in a crying heap when the club closes.

But finally there’s NoDa Power Hour.  She’s a little bit country and little bit rock n roll.  An all-natural hippie hill with some PBR and crepes waiting for you at the end.  If you’re in CLT, you just can’t beat a night in NoDa.


We launched between a brewery and a bakery.  Jolly didn’t know which way to turn… when he saw that the bakery was 24/7/365 I was sure we’d lose him to a crepe frenzy.  Instead, he knuckled up and turned in a gob of fast laps for the power hour.

We cured PrimeTime’s ailment.   Aye.

Fenway bled.

Freepass’s gadget report looked like a saw blade for both elevation and heart rate.

Pierogi persevered through the pinch.

YHC had an emergency bail-out for a minute or two.  Thank you Father McReesh for putting your building there.

Bago and Skipper represented MECA with strong speed, and Skipper went all Forrest Gump at the end and just kept on running.

Something about cigarette smoke and a garbage truck from Burner.

Mortimer.  nothing else need be said.

Well, everyone got in 6-8 miles.  Good time was had by all.  Rebound (alumni from F3 at CRM) came out to say hello.  He’d been working at Amelie’s since 2 am.  Aye.

That’s a keeper.  Let’s do it again.

Goat sends.



27 thoughts on “NoDa Power Hour

  1. PrimeTime

    Ailment cured but would have rather it been a nicer way of curing it. This was so many levels of horrible that i lost count after i got into triple digits

  2. Winnebago

    Over Promise and also Over Deliver. On the drive down I knew it was gonna be a kick to the teeth and figured we would get somewhere around 12 rounds in +/-. Pretty sure everyone was the + and Mort got 16-17. When your hill looks like a Convex graph it is gonna be a rough one. Many a Pax reported #TBQ I thought I was finished at one moment The #GasState arrived but thankfully not the #LiquidorSolid. I decided the You vs You means you might win but you definitely lose.
    After 3 rounds I looked at my cheap $5 watch, that just lets me know the time and allegedly will tell me if my heart is gonna explode, We were about 10 minutes deep. At that point I knew it was gonna sting…bad.
    Awesome job everyone, seriously that was one of the most challenging posts I have had just keeping it on the gas the whole time was a internal struggle.

  3. Pierogi

    A thorough recap, Gnarles, but you forgot one important plot point for one of the protagonists of pain;

    For a second or two, SkyNet crashed AND the Terminator resorted to walking for a few brief seconds. I cried out to PT and Burner, “HIS DEFENSES ARE DOWN! HE’S HUMAN! GET HIM!”.

    Having heard my wails, T1000 suddenly became sentient again as legs bent at extreme angles and powered him up past the portajohn. That was the last I saw of him (until he lapped me again).

    1. PrimeTime

      Yep amen on that. My whole goal was to not get lapped by him. I think I lasted 3 trips before it happened. Then I said he wasn’t going to lap me again and well he did.

      He said he walked because he was walking the line of the shuke and wasn’t sure where it was going to come from so he had to walk for a second to keep it all together.

      1. Winnebago

        Yep he came up on me and all I could say was “I’ve been waiting” Pretty sure I got doubled up. Which means T100 double lapped the 2nd place person, who was @Skipper FYI he passed me, but didn’t lap me on one of the last laps. @Mort definitely took the top off of it this morning.

  4. Jock Strap

    Pretty sure I heard Primetime fire off a “F*&^ you” to Mort round about that third lapping.

    Problem was I couldn’t tell if he was threatening or planning.

    That was a true #POH not 36 hours removed from the worst stomach virus I can recall. My goal was to just run/jog the whole hill each time. Totally smoked.

    When do we do it again?

    1. PrimeTime

      Great job fighting through it this morning Jock House. I did fire one off because I was doing everything I could to not let him lap me yet again however it was to no avail. Mort was strong as hell this morning, I know personally I was just trying not to die. I’m in need of several IV’s and a pillow to nap at my desk.

  5. Fishwrap

    “Walking the line of the shuke…” I love it. Good stuff Goat, sorry I missed you, but had my own nonsense to deal with #nexttime

  6. Jolly Roger

    That was awful and awesome at the same time. Even my arms are tired from chugging it up the hill. My goal was to stay towards the front then Bago & Mort took off never to be seen again (except when Mort lapped me). Then the goal was to catch the top three, but I ran one round with Skipper and never saw him again. Then the goal was to not die. Mission Accomplished.

    Seriously though, that was a great simulation of what the BRR is like. If you were running hard you were probably not running with somebody and definetly not talking. The number of laps gave you time to try different strategies with the hill. I started just running it, then I would walk 20 steps and run the rest, by the end i was running halfway and walking the rest or walking half then running. Turns out all of them resulted in about the same result.

    As much as I like the challenge of El Dorado & Muthaship, this is my favorite intense training we have done. Well done Goat.

  7. Gnarly Goat Post author

    Y’all are messed up individuals. That’s how I knew you’d like this little outing.

  8. CountryClub

    The cut thru street 3/4 the way up the hill was just plain cruel. Was it just me, or did anybody else have that little guy on your shoulder whispering in your ear every time I passed trying to get me to take it.

  9. Fenway

    Stray and I did not understand why we were running in NoDa this morning. So many running workouts why are we going here? Saw the All Star cast of characters and figured it must be something good if we were going to NoDa… We figured at first it was breakfast at Amelie’s? We took off running and hit the hill and realised why we were here…. I was ready to sneak back to Amelie’s on the first lap – I was hurting.

    -First lap nothin but pain…
    -2nd lap nothin but more pain…
    -3rd lap settled into the pain and started day dreaming in the dark.
    -Don’t know really what happened until Mort said it was over but here was my dream…

    Fuzzy memory recall not sure if it was real or a dream??? Jolly could not be passed going downhil? Stray was running and running and running?? Mort walked??? Gnarly Goat stepped into a box and appeared at another time – I think it
    was a time machine? Did I get shot: I’m bleeding?? Did Country Club take the short cut – where did he go he was just here? Did PT yell “love you” to
    Mort? Was Burner running with soccer shin guards??? If I take my shirt off can I be as fast a Bago – wait did I get shot? Why can’t I catch Jolly Roger running down hill? Is that Jock Strap running uphill or is a tree falling forward – it is smiling must be JS? Where am I??? What is Pierogi? Why is a sailor greeting me with “Ahoy” in this dark alley? Why am I here in this dark alley? If could grow hair again I still couldn’t pull out a Free Pass hairdo? Jolly is really running downhill fast? If I eat at Amelie’s I’m just going to puke just like at last year’s BRR? This feels like I’m running the BRR… Let’s do it again!

    1. PrimeTime

      you were close Fenway it was in fact not “love you” but another four letter word that has a negative meaning but coming from me it’s meant with love.

      You might have been hurting but on lap I can’t friggin remember you blew my doors off. You were there for a minute and then gone not to be seen again until after someone shot you.

  10. Skipper

    Well played men! That was a smoker. After COT I finished up to reach 8 miles so I could stay on track with my Marine Corps Marathon training plan (Oct 25th in DC). BTW, I’ll be looking for supporters (spiritual, physical, and financial) to help me complete the marathon and raise money for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital (

    As I was getting in my car to leave Amelia’s a second man came over and asked if I was F3. He was also previously at the Rebound program at Charlotte Rescue Mission and said his F3 name was Homily(?). It’s great to be spotted by 2 men who recognize F3 and appreciate the work we do at “Mission I’m Possible”. I’ve posted there twice and I highly recommend it. Saturdays at 0900 (

    Ahoy! and thanks @GnarlyGoat for creating this terrible experience!

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