June Murph at Tradition

20 men came together this morning for the monthly Murph where we honor Lt. Michael Murphy and his sacrifice for our country.

The Thang
– 1 mile run
– 100 pullups
– 200 merkins
– 300 squats
– 1 mile run

– Great push by everyone this morning. This is always a tough workout. I know that I struggled near the end today.
– In case you wanted to read more about Lt. Michael Murphy, go to the following website: http://themurphchallenge.com/ltmichaelpmurphy/
– Of course, to also learn more about how he died, you can read Lone Survivor.
– Rememeber that we start training for the Thunder Road half-marathon and marathon this week. I’m running the half and I know that Dingo is running the full. Not sure what distances the other people are running, but all of us can do it. It would be really cool if we could get a big group of us to do the run this year.

31 thoughts on “June Murph at Tradition

  1. Dingo

    Aye! That was tough! Great push men!

    I saw some real mental struggles out there this morning. @Disney popo and @Ghetto D – great push! Its not easy doing that workout on your own. Try joining in a cadence group next time, it makes it a “little” easier…..

  2. Dingo

    Thunder road! C’mon men!! You CAN do this! You won’t be alone, your F3 brothers will be there every step of the way. We will support each other and run further than we ever thought possible!

    You just did The Murph! Going for a little jog will be easy in comparison!

  3. Bloodsport

    First Murph awesome, thanks to the cadence group definitely helps and Dutch for the push on our last set. Appreciate the link on Lt Murphy and will have to get the movie. Great persistence out there today!

  4. The Farm

    Great Murphing with you guys this morning. There are some fast men at Tradition. It was cool seeing Belding shoot past everyone and then hearing about Urlacher catching him (I didn’t see because I was too far behind).

    Special shout out to King Julien for powering through his first Murph!

  5. Maximus_MECA

    Nice Murph. I felt a little slow out there today as I haven’t been running much and was able to admire all of Tradition in front of me! However I always feel so clear headed afterwards – so the Murph was great for me. Thanks fora good lead Jelly.

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      So, I’ve noticed that both you and Dingo have mentioned FIA in your responses. Well, you did here and Dingo did to another one I Q’d. Hmmm…me thinks you guys are trying to make fun of me.

  6. Buckwheat

    Maybe a little friendly ribbing going on… However, I must admit that fartsacking is unacceptable and not being able to make it to a workout because you have to care for your children while the M works out is beyond your control. I cut my alarm off instead of pushing snooze this AM. #IMASLACKER. Feel free to pile on!

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Yes, you are a slacker. I wanted to turn off the alarm this morning, but I showed up.

      1. Coyote

        Well maybe a few more extra minutes in the fartsack would helped you catch me in the last leg 😉

          1. Coyote

            Well I can give you some pointers on how to get faster at squats, push-ups, and pull-ups so it can be a fair fight next time.

          2. Coyote

            It’s more about the steroids….but yes, five sets of 20, 40, and 60 instead of 10-20-30

  7. Buckwheat

    Thanks, I hope to be more accountable tomorrow. I had every intention of being there today, but the new mattress (err fartsack) I got yesterday (seriously) won the battle.

  8. Maximus_MECA

    Buckwheat, was the real reason you didn’t show because we were doing the Murph and you wouldn’t be able to toss your big kbell around like it was nothing and you would have to run instead? Just wondering.

  9. Buckwheat

    Whereas I do love KB workouts and HATE running, I try and torture myself and make it to The Murph as much as possible. Oddly, I’m bummed that I missed today!

  10. Buckwheat

    LMAO! Those pillows are just decorative right now. They can’t quite support my big head just yet….

  11. Buckwheat

    @Coyote- I’ll be a svelt 235 by tomorrow after three days of healthy eating, so I just might be able to catch you now….

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