Highlands Monthly "Murph"

11 of Highlands Bravest made the best decision they will make today and decided to Honor Michael Patrick Murphy with our Monthy “Murph” at the Highland Creek Sportsclub.

The Thing;

1 Mile Run

10 Rounds of:

10 Pull Ups

20 Merkins

30 Squats

1 Mile Run


2 Miles ran

100 Pull Ups

200 Merkins

300 AirSquats



Surprisingly cool morning…. Must of been cool enough to be in @Glock’s prime temperature range, as he was killing it today.  Keep @Nanny’stoe in your thoughts as he jacked that thing up during a camping incident last weekend.


Important Announcements

Welcome Brighton, Colonel and M. Colonel’s new 2.2!
July 4th Convergence
  • For the 4th of July, MeCA will be converging at Davis Lake for a 7AM special holiday beatdown.
The Shield
  • This month’s installment of the Shield (3rd F Event) will be this Wednesday (7/1), 8PM, at Frodo’s (9565 Numenore Drive)

Prayers for Conchito’s Family.

  • Please keep Conchito and his family in your prayers as lost a close family member over the weekend.



2 thoughts on “Highlands Monthly "Murph"

  1. The Nanny

    @Google Thanks for taking Q/posting responsibilities this morning. I skipped the run portion of the Murph and thought I would be way ahead of folks due to that big head start, but you and Glock caught up, passed, and then took off for your run. You guys were flying.

    @Glock I watched you and Google come in while I was wrapping up the Murph and you must have been in a dead sprint. Flying. When we hit that narrow 5 degree band of #GlockWeather, watch out!

    @Chief T-claps as you hung in there and did some work this morning!

    @Shazam You get the #LonelyMurphy award today for having 7/10ths of it done before anyone made it to the playground. Love seeing the dedication of getting this thing done today even when you have to get to work early.

  2. Charmin

    Great morning for the Murph. First time I decided to scrap the 10 set idea and see if I could increase the reps while decreasing the sets. Felt good on the “pullups” and squats. Merkins was a killer. Last two sets were 8 reps and 7 reps.

    @Snare and @Pony-Boy – I thought I had a large enough lead to take you guys but you ran me down like I was running in the mud. I knew I should have stolen one of the twigs that you were using to count your sets. Maybe next time……

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