No Shoes, No Super Brick.

5 Men posted at Harrisburg Elementary today for my specially designed and highly targeted Super Brick workout.  (20 minutes of riding, 10 minutes of running, repeat and repeat again.)  However,  apparently every person that showed up today “forgot” to bring shoes YHC excluded.  So we ended up doing a 25 mile ride.

I could list all the streets but barely know the route myself.  Fortunately, Strava has it covered,  just click here.  

  1. Overall we did 25.7 miles at about 16.2 mph avg pace.
  2. Next month we will hold the Super Brick, even if I have to do it alone…  it’s ok to be scared.
  3. Gump,  great seeing you out today.  Hope the back recovers quickly.
  4. Nice bike Parquet.   I need to start charging a brokering fee for Craigslist bikes!  That is the 3rd bike in the last month that has been purchased by our group on Craigslist!!  (its got some deals!)   Also amazing improvement over the last ride with what I will affectionally refer to as “The Tank.”
  5. T claps UCB and Drone for putting in the extra miles.

Have a blessed day!


– Escalade.

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