Who Moved My Pullup Bars?

6 gloomers jettisoned out of the fartsack this morning for a 7AM beatdown at Mallard Creek Park.  As the much larger #EarlyEdition crowd wrapped up and walked by us, no one joined up and said “hey, I am the Q this morning!”  People’s Q is it.

The Thang:

  1. Nanny started with a slow mosey to baseball field shelters for COP.
    1. 20 x SSH
    2. 15 x merkin
    3. 15 x air squat
  2. Shelter work
    1. 3 rounds of 20 x step ups, 20 dips, 20 incline merkins.
  3. Time to go find pullup bars for my planned 5:1 pullup/merkin ladder.
    1. Who the….where did the ENTIRE PLAYGROUND go?!?!?
    2. Ok….no pullup bars….in a nod to ANW (American Ninja Warrior) and my 6 yr old son who created this….we started on one end of the swing set and traversed hand over hand the entire length.  Not easy.
  4. Maybe we can find pullup bars at the new school?  Mosey.
    1. Stop at bike rack on the way for 20 x partner dips & 20 x partner merkins.
    2. Bust.  No pullup bars at playground.  In disgust Nanny hands reigns over to Glock.
  5. Glock bus lot beatdown ensues
    1. 3 laps of track.  Each lap do 20 x merkins, 25% lap to 20 partner dips, 25 % lap to 25 air squats, 25% of track to 50 LBC.
  6. Nanny steals Q after remembering there is another playground by the soccer field snack shack.  slow mosey.
    1. Nope.  No pullup locations on that playground.
    2. Mosey to group of soccer goals nearby, pull them apart (chained together for security) just enough to get “inside” and crank out a set of chin-ups.
  7. Mary
    1. Murdoch.  Cotton picker & 10 count stretch to start us out.
    2. Sandman.  20 x mason twist.
    3. Hot Wheels.  20 x low flutter.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Today was an upper body marathon of pain.  I think we were all feeling top heavy after that.  Felt great.
  2. Seriously, who moved the playground?  That thing was a little aged, but not ready to be removed.  It had plenty of life left in it.  And….it had multiple pullup areas!!!!
  3. Enjoyed the smaller group to get to know Hot Wheels and Mud.
  4. The Ninja Warrior Swing Crossing was a crowd pleaser.  You won’t find that kind of thing in a gym.  That was all about useful and functional strength training.  You’ll thank me the next time you have to cross hand over hand on a log over a raging stream in the wilderness while being chased by a pack of monster sized wolves after your airplane crashes.  #IntoTheGrey

2 thoughts on “Who Moved My Pullup Bars?

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Enjoyed it men. Fantastic way to start the day. Remember….if you “sleep in” you WILL wake up tired. If you work out, you may also be tired at first, but then you wake up, have energy all day, and you got your Daily DownPainment. T-claps to you men for doing what a barely measurable fraction of the male population in our area did this morning. You gentlemen are training for life.

  2. Murdoch

    Fun peoples’ Q beatdown today. I liked the aspect of having to figure out what to do based on what we found. Lots of fartsackers out there. That or they’re scouting other AOs or on vacations. An intimate group. No! We are not that kind of mens’ group!

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