Variety Pack with the PAX

10.. make that 11 committed lakers from Davis posted this cool… less hot morning for a variety pack workout by YHC. Fun group with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to become better men. Great work by all.

As an added bonus we attracted a run by Darrell (FNG) on the 1-5 burpee ladder of all things. He was welcomed promptly and Bottom Dweller saw this as an opportunity to peel off from the Ladder and give our FNG a full history of F3… by the last burpee he was finished and so were we. #buildrelationshipinsteadofburpeebeatdown.


Warmorama: SSH, Windmill, Peterparker, Cotton Picker all x12 IC, arm circles

The Thang –

Off to the Tennis courts for the first time for: Lunge walks, side plank walks, reverse – with 5 hands freemerkins  between courts. x 3.

Mosey down to  the plaza ( large grass field) -with a few stops in between to pick up the 6.

PARTNER UP for 4 Square of Pain with a 5-10-15 ladder

Corner 1: Partner Derkins then run to:

Corner 2: For Partner throw downs then karaoke right to:

Corner 3: For Partner Squerkins- Glad these were done in the gloom– then run backward to:

Corner 4: for partner sit ups – partner 1 holding plank on P2 feet. Then karaoke left back to Corner 1

Mosey back to playground for some incline merks on the fence

Cross the street for a nice little hill 1-5 bobby hurley/Burpee ladder – this is where we encountered our run by Darrell – who prompty got the low down of the group and may have finished a burpee or two with Bottom Dweller. Great 2nd F brother- good work !

Mosey back to parking lot for a little suicide run – Partner up.

100 CDD’s per group – P1 runs while P2 works the CDD’s – switchoroo- until 100 is achieved.

Circle up for some MARY

Low Dolly, Pretzel Crunch, Circle Merk- Favorite of P fruit. Good call brother!



sweaty moleskin –

Great work out by all – way to encourage and push each other. I really like the partner workouts as it helps to push and pull each other!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine group of PAX

Keep posting brothers – you are being good stewards of  your God given body. I am sure you are feeling better about your health and wellbeing by being out in the gloom. I’v never regretted a workout after it was done – Hope it was worth getting out of bed for!

Great to have Darrell- our run by FNG- he is a welcome addition. When he posts next week we can name him- great job BD, Farm and others!





5 thoughts on “Variety Pack with the PAX

  1. Piston

    Oh and BTW PAX, this old guy took the dog for a walk at clarks creek after then mowed the lawn, beast mode, now to find 3 ibupropiens!!!

  2. The Farm

    Great Q today brother. I’m glad you could make it! You accomplished THREE Davis Lake firsts today. You got into the tennis courts, introduced the Pax to the squerkin, and we got our first run by EH. Big day.

    I think I’m finally starting to hear some mumblechatter from the pax. I’m glad. It’s been quiet these past few weeks. We joke about it, but it really means you men are getting stronger…which means the intensity of the workouts will increase. #ISI

    Welcome to Derrell, to be named by the pax at his next beatdown. Good chatting with you post workout. Come back to join us next week!

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