T-R-B-L spells Turrible

22 posted for what turned out to be a really dumb idea…and are better for it.

Warm-up mosey to the entrance of the library and circle up
SSH x15
Continue up the drive to the park entrance, step aside to let Clueless out, then grab a curb
10 Slow Mericans on the Q’s signal
Out of the park to the first parking lot on the right
Air Squats x20
Windmill x10
Mountain Climbers x15

Collect the late comers, then mosey down Oakley Drive to the church
Circle Mericans, twice around, then twice around with CDDs
Circle Air Squats, twice around
Circle Mericans, twice around

Down Robinson Church Road (where I let Bull pass me), into the post office lot, then around to the field
LBCs x20 while waiting for the #six before the main event….

HeartRate Hill Ladder:
20 Mericans at the bottom
20 Dips at the shelter
Back down HRH
18 Mericans at the bottom
18 Dips at the shelter
….down to 2, and start back up the ladder if you finish early

At the shelter…
Incline Mericans x10
10 Step-ups (each leg)
Dips x10
Repeato x2

Back to the parking lot for Mary
Brazilians x20 (Grover)
Scissor Kicks (Exit54)
Homer to Marge (Segundo)
LBCs x20 (YHC)
Low Flutters x20 (YHC)
The W (Tumbler)

COT (prayers for ColMustard’s family with the premature birth of their third son, and for SSMinnow’s family with the loss of his mother-in-law, who “got the most out of her 93 years”)

Sweaty Moleskin
1. For the record, I never claimed my ideas were good ideas. That said, it was suggested we do that ladder periodically to test ourselves.
2. Great battle by Bull and Grover on the HRH Ladder…both finished and climbed back up the ladder to 8. Way to push each other. #ISI
3. Opie (#Kotters) and Exit54 were neck and neck for a while there as well. Seems those four were lapping much of the field early and often.
4. Tclaps to Bull, Nautilus, Segundo, Riptide, SoloCup and Clueless for hitting the 6-mile, pre-workout Bull Run.
5. As always, enjoyed the 2nd F at #coffeeteria. Good to see TheMagnificent and Rooster (no, the Concord Rooster) discovering what #TheStarsky is all about.
6. Again, keep ColMustard’s and SSMinnow’s families in your prayers. Add in BanjoBoy and his M for the upcoming birth of their first.

Pax Tibi,

5 thoughts on “T-R-B-L spells Turrible

  1. Tumbler

    Tough workout today Gamma. For the hill workout I agree on doing it periodically. Kinda like I periodically do the Murph, ie once a year.
    Even though they were lapping me it was amazing watching Bull and Grover power thru workout. Should mean good things for their BRR teams.

  2. Bull2

    @Gamma- That was just plain nasty. I don’t agree with the periodic running of that ladder. I thought we agreed that ladders on that hill sucked when @Escalade was at the helm….wait a minute…I guess that is why we do it. T-Claps to you foresight in bringing the water and cups. That ice cold water tastes pretty sweet at the end of the ladder.

    Did anyone else notice @Swami striking up a 10 minute conversation with some park walkers mid-ladder. @Hootie better watch out, the gov position might be pretty competitive. #GrayHarrisburgforpresident

    Great to see the Concord guys today. @Grover was bustin it on HRH. Great work.

    1. Swami

      Hootie’s political position is very safe. But I see how running for office beats running up heart rate hill.
      Swami 2016

  3. SSMinnow

    Thanks for the prayers … we are celebrating Star’s mom’s abundant life …. while Col Mustard is celebrating a new birth … the circle of life … ain’t it great? … praise be to God!

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