Concord F3 – Operation Vittles

Jog through AO to parking lot in back.
High Kicks
High Knees
High Skip
SSH 20x
Mountain Climbers 20x
cotton pickers 15x

The Thang:

Done with cinder blocks
Two stations at opposite sides of AO. Perform two exercises at each pain station then jog with cinder block to other pain stations.
If you meet a pax coming from the other direction, do 5 burpies.
Continue this until Mary

Station 1:
LBC’s with cinder block 20x
Plank with cinder block on back (count to 100)
Bridge with alternating limb lift w/cinder block on stomach 20x
Mason Twist with cinder block 20x

Station 2:
Curls 20x
merkins (w/o cinder block) 20x
Lateral Row 20x
Military press 20x

4-count Freddie merc’s 30x
1 min plank

Naked Man Mole skins

3 smart pax showed up on the coolest day of summer to start their day out right.
Expected Rain, but it held off.
Total Package & Photon throw down the gauntlet by doing all 4 exercises each time at each station. Admirable (or just didn’t hear the instructions right)
Jus’ no way to comfortably jog with a cinderblock.
Bridges with a cinderblock in the saddle – hard not to lose the block unless you sag.
Everyone went to starbucks sweat drenched – getting to be a classic saturday morning fragrance combo there.

Thanks for giving me the honor to Bring the pain.

See you in the gloom