Putting the walk in #Skywalker

Last Friday was Sky(brook)day recon. Today, 7 #faithful gloom warriors checked out their options at Winding Walk. Let’s get after it and see what we’ve got here.

Mosey out and back at entrance as we pick up a few other PAX
– High knees out; but kickers back (pick up @Avalanche)
– Stoli skip out; reverse mosey back (pick up @Glock)- Circle up for COP
– SSH x 20 IC (ok, messed that one up… wasn’t paying attention)
– Imperial Storm Trooper x 19 IC (that’s better)
– Plank Jack x 19 IC

The Thang
Mosey to tennis courts
– 10 Mericans OYO, run to other side hopping three fences
– 10 Larry Craigs OYO, run back across court hopping three fences
– 10 Diamond Mericans OYO, run to other side of court hopping three fences
– 10 Mericans OYO

Mosey to playground for modified mini-Murph
– 5 pull ups OYO
– 10 Derkins OYO
– 15 Airsquats OYO
– 3 sets

Mosey to back circle lot
– Bunny hop up steps x 4
– Quadraphelia up hill with calf-raise x 20 at top (3 sets)

Mosey to basketball court
– Lunge walk down
– Crab walk back
– Squat broad jump down
– Bear crawl back
– S…l…o…w…e…s…t… T…e…n… C…o…u…n…t… E…v…e..r… courtesy of @Sugar

Mosey to power tower
– 10 pull ups on tower
– 20 jump ups on wall
– 3 sets of each (scrap this midway before doing any damage to the very shaky stone work)

Mosey across street and down the hill into Skybrook; stop at minibridge and find a rock
Clearly, @Bling and @Avalanche are comfortable in their manhood with no need to compensate for anything…
– Curls x 10 IC
– Overhead press x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Derkins (lower rung) x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Derkins (top rung) x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Dips x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Derkins (lower rung) x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC (can’t remember if we finished off with these)
– Gently pace your rock back for future use (or heave it as far as you can into the pile… if you’re @JLo)

Mosey back up hill without losing anyone
Pause for a round of pretzel crunches
– Pretzel crunch left x 10 IC
– Pretzel crunch right x 10 IC

Continue frogger road crossing mosey back to parking lot for Mary
– LBC x 19 IC
– Partner throw downs x 20 OYO (@Glock)
– Crunchy frog x 20 IC (@Pharaoh)
– Dying cockroach x 15 IC (@Bling)
– Squirm x 10 IC


– Monday – Murph at most locations (no Mettle or El Dorado); Muthaship #Badboys may be an offering (stay tuned to Twitter for status updates on the condition of YHC’s toe)
– next Wednesday night – The Shield @ 0800, tentatively at Bootstraps house
– July 4 – convergence: Davis Lake @ 0700
– 76 days until Blue Ridge Relay (see @Bling for lessons on uphill running form)

Nakedman Moleskin
– Great job today fellas – thanks for coming out. Covered a LOT of ground… some good variety of features and terrain in a tight area.
– Based on @Sugar’s posting, I’m now HCed for the Flying Saucer #knurdrun next Thurs at 7pm. I’ll verify his number of beer club plates while I’m there (legend has it as 6.)
– Solid work by everyone too. I kept trying to step increasingly harder on the intensity gas pedal, but everyone hung tough… well done.
– We’ll likely launch #Skywalker during the week of July 13th with Wednesdays @ Winding Walk and Fridays being Skydays (Skybrook at the golf club, lower lot) #seewhatIdidthere
– Alternate between the two AOs until the PAX decide to consolidate or decide to keep the variety
– Workouts will be bootcamps as an alternative to PAX who don’t want to run on Wed/Fri at Highlands or Rolling Stone (or any other AO for that matter)
– We’ll need to start promoting over the coming weeks… stay tuned for details.

3 thoughts on “Putting the walk in #Skywalker

    1. Chowder Post author

      Psssh! Allowing? Thank YOU for posting! You brought it strong as always… Aye!

  1. Sugar

    Had lots of fun today and looking forward this AO! Tons of toys there to play with!

    I believe the rules clearly state that the tempo of the 10 count is solely at the discretion of the PAX selected to give said 10 count. Having said that, it would’ve been faster had I been able to breathe!

    Legend clarification: Plate #5 with 23 to go. The real question is which will come first, #Skywalker AO or plate #6? Place your bets – #plate6countdown

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