Ole' Fashioned Southern Tire Pulls

6 men entered…wait, Drop Cloth just did a drive-by…5 men entered the gloom for what would be an epic sprint filled, tire pullin’ extravaganza.


Mosey to upper MS lot

Mountain Climbers x 15IC

Bobby Hurley’s x 15OYO

Apolo Ohno’s x 15IC

The Thang

Walk to intersection of upper lots

Half the pax run top the right, others to the left

Counting right leg pace:

sprint for 10 paces

20 paces

…up to 50 paces.

Walk to middle lot for some tire draggin’ fun

Round 1

1 pax drags tire for each leg of a shuttle run

flapjack until all pax have pulled the tire

Round 2

1 pax drags tire to crosswalk sign (50yds) while the pax performs shuttle run until they meet pax with tire…all finish as a team while encouraging the pax with the tire.

Mosey to dumpster lot (Cones set-up in semi circle)

Round 1

Each pax sprint to each cone, backwards run to start point

Each pax starts when man in front starts on 2nd cone

repeato to all 7 cones

Round 2

Same sequence as above but using a side shuffle instead of sprint

Mosey to track

Half pax goes left, half go right

Meet on other side and return to start point

flapjack and repeato

Mosey to ES lower lot


Freddie Mercury x 15IC

Squirm x 15IC


– Due to the shortage of Q’s, a non-sprinter took Speed, hopefully it was worth your while as it was definitely out of my comfort zone to Q a sprint designed workout.

– To all pax who have not Q’ed, stop reading this and sign up!

– Awesome work by everyone this morning, sprinting is not for everyone, but it does a body and soul good.

– Great to see Mountaineer out at Speed again, thanks for posting

– Nice work Derby! I’m assuming you still had 20# in that vest this morning. Takes a great deal of heart to keep it on during sprints, especially dragging that tire

– Always a pleasure having Shazam at a workout. You’re always the cheerleader, encouraging the pax to finish strong and push themselves, thanks for what you do.

3 thoughts on “Ole' Fashioned Southern Tire Pulls

  1. Mountaineer

    Thanks for an awesome run workout Gulfstream. It was just the right mix, and the tire was a great add. I enjoyed meeting you all!

  2. Shazam

    Aye! Solid work @Gulfstream, never would have guess it was your VirginQ. Tire pulls were great #awful. Impressed with the effort across the board. I know @Snare was loving his “Welcome back from Vacation” workout this morning.

  3. Dropcloth

    Sorry about the drive in and then bail but the knee isn’t ready for Sprints just yet. Will say the tire pull looked awesomely awful!!! Nice innovation right there!

    It would have looked better to bail with my partner @The Nanny by my side but he arrived 15 minutes late to his mini murph style workout he told me to come out for – # no running mini murph!

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