Someone take away his internet connection!

Seventeen Pax (including YHC) met in the gloom for some humid fun and to test drive new routines.  It went something like this…

Mosey to Raging Ridge Rd. – SSHx15 (“X” denoted cadence) & Windmillx10
Mosey to next intersection – Mt. Climber/merkin x10 & Twerkin-10 OYO
Mosey to next intersection – Imperial Squat Walker x10 & Groiners-10 OYO
Mosey to curb near Middle School – Inch Worm from one side to other, repeat

Mosey to HRMS Football Field
1.  Plank Jump overs (Field) – Pax count off by 3’s, start at endzone, to 50yd line
2.  Catch Me if You Can (Track) – Teams of 3, 1 PAX 5 burpees, other 2 partner carry, switch
3.  Triple Check (Field) – 1 PAX Al Gore, 1 Pax Plank, 3rd runs to endzone and back, switch
Indian Run to Hill
Triple Nickle (5/5/5) – 5 Prisoner Get-Up’s, run up hill 5 Decon Burpees, repeato 5 times
YHC cut this short due to time (most completed 3-4).

Mosey to Flag for Mary

1.  X’s and O’s – YHC Counted (8)
2.  WWII Situps – 10 OYO
3.  VF Roll-up x10
4.  J-Lo x10
5.  Dr. W x5 (you need to look this up on the Lexicon – has future potential!)


KB’s Friday – Stallings Road Park – Schedule C has the Q
Acceleration Friday  – HRMS Track – BBQ has the Q

COT – YHC lead us out

1.  YHC thought he would change it up a bit today with some new exercises/routines he found on the Lexicon.  By the time we got to Mary a PAX muttered…”someone needs to take away your internet connection”.  That is definitely a compliment and a great SHOUT OUT to all F3 brothers who added those items for other AO’s to use.  Changing things up makes you use different muscle groups and makes you stronger! Aye!
2.  Great/Strong work by everyone!  The humidity was definitely there so please drink LOTS of water today and rehydrate.
3.  Safe travels to everyone and their families taking vacation in the next week or two.

2 thoughts on “Someone take away his internet connection!

  1. Othello Post author

    1. Great work by everyone today. The Partner Carry’s during “Catch me if you can” was definitely hard work. Shout out to Bull for improvising with another team!

    2. T-Rex – Strong run against Bull during Triple Check. You are one fast little man! However, your math skills need refreshing – 5 means “5”, not 3, not 4….5! The routine was “Triple Nickle” I know, it’s summer time, take a rest from the books 🙂

    3. Kudos to everyone who pounded out Mary. Your core will thank you and will help you prevent future injury.

    4. I challenge the PAX/future Q’s to start changing things up a bit and adding new exercises. It keeps it fresh and avoids muscle complacency.

  2. Clueless

    Nice one Othello! The interweb is a dangerous place. I like the X’s & O’s… good stuff!

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