82 Degrees 85% Humidity….and we run!

12 brave men showed up for my first ever Q…..and I lost two before we made our first left.

The Thang:

Run the Ridge Road loop coming back to the basketball courts X 3 Stopping each time for the following:
1st Stop

Hello Dolly’s X 15 (4 count)

Wide Merkins X 10 (4 count)

2nd Stop

Flutter Kicks X 20 (4 count)

Merkins X 10 (4 count)

3rd Stop (back in parking lot)

Cotton Pickers X 3 stopping on the 3rd pick for a count of 10

Squat Stretch X 3 count of 10

Left over Right/Right over Left X 2 count of 10 each side


T-Claps to Red Ryder for making it back out after a long haitus, and extra T-Claps to Bling for hanging with Red Ryder coming out of the bus lot.  I apologize we did not realize where you both took off to after we hit the road.

So the good news is Red Ryder made it back out today, but the sad news is he is moving just outside of Atlanta first of next month.  If anyone can assist in helping with the packing of the truck on Friday July 3rd it would be greatly appreciated whatever time you can spare.  He will post his address for those that can help out.

Shield is next Wednesday tentatively at Boot Straps home again out on that awesome screened in porch unless word changes.

It was great to have the opportunity to lead the group this morning.  All did a great job in pushing through the heat as well as the humidity!

Semper Fi,


2 thoughts on “82 Degrees 85% Humidity….and we run!

  1. RedRyder

    Thanks, Meathead for the shout out… and, yes, Triple TClaps to Bling for coming back for me. Two mornings in a row after being down… let’s just say that I slept deeply last night… no whining.
    We are moving to Peachtree City, GA, just southwest of Atlanta. Truck loading party on July 3rd. The Nanny said something about bringing bear and lawn chairs 😉 I do have a pizza line item in my moving budget

    ** WHERE: 5370 Cambridge Bay Dr. (Highland Creek, Charlotte)
    ** WHAT: Two 26′ trucks, stuff to fill ’em
    “” WHEN: 7/3, 10 AM… until the house is empty and the trucks are locked. If you cannot come until later, just call / text me 704-995-7874 to see where we stand.

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