War Daddy And The Gazelles

Summer is officially here!  And YHC was sweating like a pig before we even left COP, but that’s just me.


15- SSH
15- Imperial Walkers
15- Merkins (modify as needed (Q))
15- Squats

Run to the bottom of the 1/2 mile track for partner sets.  Partner one runs, partner two does the following until partner returns.

150- Seal Jacks (Q fail forgetting the name)
100- LBC’s
50- Burpees

Run to the shelter (sorry the closest one was occupied, so we ran a little more!)

He Hate Me Time!  (20 each, 15, 10, etc)

Step Ups

People’s Chair a little Marry and we’re done!


Wow this is my second time being war daddy and being the Q, what’s up with that?  Sorry to my partner Baby Face who had the old slow war daddy as his partner.  Still getting over my back issues, so I can only run so fast.

All you guys are very fast, Lock In looked like he’s been doing this forever, strong work brother!  Good to see Arena make his way north a bit to the land of the minty hills.

Strong work there Tough Skins, all that 5k training has paid off, I love that all my EH’s are faster than me. Ha!


July 1 Moving Wednesday Piledriver to Bain Elementary – Because of the awesome growth of workouts in the Mint Hill area, we are moving Wednesday Piledriver over to Bain Elementary, which is just a minute or two from the park.

Hopefully this was a challenge of a workout for you guys, always amazed anyone lets me lead such strong athletes. Thanks for the honor and privilege.

DT out