Six brave men posted for a pre-blast-less El Dorado. NoCo had a strong showing brining half the PAX. After wondering where the rest of the PAX was, the clock hit 5:15 and we were off for a beatdown that took us back and forth between 2 painstations….just 2 painstations. How bad could this be?

The Thang

  1. AYG to to the deck
  2. Stair suicide up StH (up 1 floor, down 1 floor, up 2 floors, down 2 floors, etc.)
  3. At top, 20 merkins, 20 crunchy frogs
  4. Run back to football stadium
  5. Reverse Spiderman up stairs
  6. At top, 20 air squats, 20 dying cockroaches
  7. Run back to StH
  8. Rinse and Repeat (each cycle adds another trip up each set of stairs, i.e., round 2 there are 2 StH suicides and 2 reverse spiderman trips up football stairs).


  1. My apologies for not posting a pre-blast. I was caugh up in getting back from vacation and Father’s day festivities.
  2. Apparently, the lack of a pre-blast will send most of the Pax elsewhere (another workout? fartsack?)
  3. Not much mumblechatter this morning, but plenty of sweat angels at the top of each set of stairs.

5 thoughts on “2Stations

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great work by all who posted this morning. Mortimer led the way from early on and never looked back. At about 5:30, each Pax’s shirt started doing that “magically changing color” thing that happens in the summer…goes from blue to dark blue, gray to dark gray (or in Primetime’s case, orange to skin colored).

    Thanks all for letting me lead. Look forward to seeing you each in the gloom again.

    1. PrimeTime

      great beatdown. I know for me personally that kicked the crap out of me. Started strong and faded rather quickly. That stair way with all that stagnant air is miserable

  2. The Nanny

    Hated missing it. I got into an argument with a large Boulder on Sunday up in the mountains….and the Boulder kicked me in the toe and shin. It was a run-less murph for me this morning….

  3. SSMinnow

    @Frodo…quite a creative mix of running and pain stations…those STH suicides and reverse spider-mans were the most ‘memorable’ parts of the workout for me

  4. SSMinnow

    By the way…..by my count, Harrisburg made up half the Pax in the gloom…strong showing @Banjo Boy and @Clueless!

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