Dad's Ride

Happy Fathers Day it was for 9 men at Harrisburg’s Steel Wheels today.

The Route:

  • Start  Harrisburg Elementary
  • Right on Stallings Road
  • Left on Hickory Ridge Rd
  • Left on Lower Rocky River Rd
  • Right on Pioneer Mill Rd
  • Left on Morrison Rd
  • Left on Flowes Store Rd
  • Right on Sam Black Rd
  • Left on Helmsdale Rd
  • Left on Bethel Church Rd
  • Left on Jim Kiser RD
  • Left on Flowes Store Rd
  • Right on Pine Grove Church Rd
  • Right on Lower Rocky River Rd
  • Left on Rocky River Rd
  • Right on Stallings Rd
  • Back to School.

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  1. 21.5 mile’s for about 1:22 of riding.   Avg speed about 15.5.
  2. Great seeing such a large group out today.  Glad to see so many getting a free pass for the morning ride.
  3. As always,  lots of fun with a group and the mumble chatter that goes.
  4. Happy Fathers Day guys.

3 thoughts on “Dad's Ride

  1. Riptide

    Hope you didn’t see the dog on pioneer mill rd (big White House ~1 mi down on the right) – he gave me extra motivation last week!

  2. escalade Post author

    Yep. He got some exercise chasing us last week. This week it looks like he just gave up.

    1. Billy Goat

      Yep, I’m glad you tired him out with the sprint…when I rolled through he just stood there, panting. Well done. See you this Sunday.

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