……The Next Exercise Is The Dutch…….(crickets)…..

So it was a strange old morning at Tradition.  It wasn’t as humid, but the heat over the last week must really be getting to these guys!  Firstly our glorious Q Mr Belding was a no show?!  All good!  Its been a while since we’ve done a “Peoples Q”, so off we go!

Well, first I must add, and I share Triple Threats confusion over this……every morning we circle up around a certain pile of dog crap!  Its like our new mascot!

And also, Dutch showed up and said “I’ve got the flag!”  Yet….he only had the shovel……no flag…..???

Mosey around the Church.  This was cut VERY short by Buckwheats concern about being tired for the King Tiger 5K tomorrow.  Apparently he is going to win the Heavy Weight division!!

Circle up for Peoples Q – Each member of the Pax calls an exercise

We did a lot of stuff, I can’t remember them all.  But most involved a kettle bell.

Our more feminine Pax, aka Buckwheat, really getting in touch with his feminine side today.  He bought a beautiful purple water bottle, that really bought out the blue in his eyes…….He was also asked to name an exercise and he immediately came up with the “Caitlyn Jenner”.  I am sure the comment “Your not a real man unless your in touch with another mans feminine side” came from his direction also??!!  Lots of strange, almost scared looks from the pax in that general direction this morning.

Dutch showed a side that we haven’t seen before, his ‘tourettes” side!  When it was his turn to lead an exercise, we got “The next exercise is the Dutch!”…….then crickets……he just stood there……for a looong time……seriously…….it was weird……

Maximus took over the helm and to the excitement of the crowd he really brought out that Boston accent!  I was remind of when he screamed to the crows “Are you not entertained!!”.  A living legend in our midst!

Apparently The Farm was having trouble reaching the top shelf…….Short pun intended…..

We had some problems coming up with the names, so YHC suggested that if you don’t know the name, give it a females name.   Which led us to Conchito’s fascination with Alicia Keys and her butt……. 🙂

All in all, it was a good morning, lots of laughs, some muscle burn, and great fellowship!Announcements;

  1. King Tiger 5k tomorrow
  2. Pool Party Winchester Pool tomorrow 11:00-3:00
  3. Harrisburg F3 Dads 7:00-8:00

11 thoughts on “……The Next Exercise Is The Dutch…….(crickets)…..

  1. The Farm

    The workout today reminded me of why I really enjoy the KB workouts. Good beatdown with lots of laughs/2nd F. I’ll be back Monday with at least one Davis Lake pax (looking at you Piston). Will Preamble post again or did Dingo scare him away???

    Dutch…I don’t know what that was. You okay bro?

    Also, I’ll bet Buckwheat never makes that water bottle mistake again!

  2. Coyote

    I enjoyed this morning as well! This really helped outline the fellowship that makes F3 great!

    I would like to propose a workout where we all speak like Maximus….I only see good outcomes from that scenario.

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Yes – it was fun this morning. Several questions were left unanswered though.

    1. @Buckwheat – where did you get that water bottle?
    2. @dutch – regarding your fascination with Jillian Michaels exercises… where do you watch her to learn these exercises (you tube? dvd’s? on tv?)

    Inquiring minds would like to know:

    Thank you.


  4. Dick Tracy

    One of my all-time favorite beatdowns. Solid all around. Now if we only could get @Striker’s backblast from yesterday. Misery in the morning.

  5. TripleThreat

    Great workout this morning w/ plenty more jokes. I enjoyed it!! I also like that we are focusing on form nowadays.

  6. Dutch

    I chalk it up to heat stroke – with a touch of turrets

    Good energy and laughs by all today. The more I laugh the less I feel the pain!

    1. Buckwheat

      Sorry, a little late to the BB party as usual. Where shall I begin????

      Let’s start w/ @Dingo. Don’t hate, appreciate! I was the only one hydrating properly this morning. You were just jealous of my pretty water bottle. I may have mentioned that I was in touch w/ MY feminine side, but that is much better than you and @Coyote who were talking about being in touch w/ each other’s feminine side….

      @The Farm- I’ll bring my wife’s pink one on Monday just for you and your Davis Lake cohort! Also, @Preamble mentioned last Saturday that he was going to be out of town this week but would try and do his own bootcamp while on the road. How’d it go @Preamble?

      @Coyote- I second your proposal. I have the Q at B.O.M.B. Next Friday. Let’s do it then!

      @Maximus- It belongs to the M. She parks it right next to mine on the counter. It was dark in the kitchen this morning, and I grabbed the wrong one. I realized it in the garage, but was too lazy to swap it out for mine. I figured it would make a nice conversation piece and, low and behold, it served that purpose beautifully ;-).

      @Dick Tracy and @Triple Threat- I agree w/ both of you. This was one of the most fun beatdowns I’ve been a part of. Laid back and lots of jokes. Love F3!!!

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