Rib Shack's Swan Song

9 men met in the gathering gloom to pick up heavy things, put them back down, rinse and repeat. We also celebrated Rib Shack’s last official workout as a Harrisburg resident….

Accouncing there would be no customary mosey to start things off triggered what would be the last smiles of the morning…
SSH x15
Sloooow Mericans x5
Sloooow Air Squats x5

The Thang
This is a repeat of a KB WIB I’ve done a few times this year but with increasing modifications to find the right amount of challenge.
20 Alternating KB Clean/Presses
20 KB Skull Crushers
20 KB Sumo Squats
20 KB Triceps Extensions
20 KB High Rows
20 KB Outhouse Curls
Run to the trucks (~30 yards)
20 Mericans
Run back to the KBs
Repeat with reps of 18, 16, 14, 12….2
Extra challenge was to increase the KB weight at least 5# for the last five sets.

Not sure what Tradition’s Buckwheat called it, but a KB Pull-over combined with a WWII Sit-up, tab the KB in front, then back and repeat 10x


Sweatyman Moleskin
1. While he’s not going far and promises he’ll visit, we wish RibShack our best. He’s been a rock here in Harrisburg and a quiet inspriration to a lot of us seeing how far he’s come in the past year(ish). I think he also promised he wouldn’t tell those Tradition guys all things we’ve been saying about them. And if they’re reading this, all good things of course. Except maybe Buckwheat; gotta watch that guy…
2. It’s official, Finnegan is a beast, leading the pax the whole way. Either he’s been sandbagging, or as Shameless put it, he’s been working out with Bull. Whatever it is, keeping pushing us all, brother!
3. That said, tclaps to Tumbler, who found himself with the 45# the whole time. He would have increased to 50#, but Minnow wasn’t around to pick up. Cluless moved up to the 45# at some point as well.
4. Great to see FlipPhone give KBs a shot in his first week in F3. I have a feeling he’ll be pushing the pax sooner than later…
5. Strong work by Othello as well – brother never seems to tire, never gets sloppy in his form and never quits.
6. Last but not least, Diesel, awesome to see you back in the game. Hope the injuries (and fartsacking) are completely behind you.

Pax tibi,

4 thoughts on “Rib Shack's Swan Song

  1. RibShack

    @Gamma, thanks for the shout out. It’s been an awesome year working out with you guys. From chasing you on Wednesdays to all the other days I’ve done more than I ever thought possible. I will always value your friendship & kindness. I’ll be hitting Tradition after the 4th & hope to see you guys around either up there or occasional visits back to the ‘Burg. Thanks again!

  2. Clueless

    @Gamma – solid workout with surprising soreness in different areas. Thanks for the beat down!

    @RibShack – it’s been honor to workout and share the time with you brother! Your internal motor and drive are an inspiration… as are your positive messages.

    1. RibShack

      @Clueless, thank you sir. It’s been an honor to work with you as well. You were always the “bar” thrown out there to reach. Can’t say I ever reached it but I can say I tried and you always were there for encouragement at the right time. Definitely will make it to El Dorado with you one day. Right now everything is “in August” so I’m shooting for then.

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