"I hope we aren't doing burpees today"

8 Lakers (thanks Pavarotti), including two FNGs, gathered in the gloom to see what YHC had up his sleeves.  I include myself in the 8 because even I had no idea what I would be doing!  I showed up with two completely different workouts in mind.  Don’t worry men, you will see the other one soon!  5:30am came, I made a decision, and it was as follows:


SSH X 15, IST X 15, MC X 15, Merkins X 10

The Thang:

Circle Up around a deck of cards.  Each man draws a card that determines what exercise and number of reps the pax will perform.  Here is the key:

Hearts = Burpees

Diamonds = Merkins

Clubs = Air Squats

Spades = LBCs

Aces = 10 count

Joker = Pick your exercise


Pretzel crunch (The Farm)

LBCs (Piston)

Mason Twists (Schultz)

Low Flutter (King Julian)

WWII Sit-ups (Jordache)




It was great seeing you men this morning!  It was really exciting seeing the FNGs!  We are growing and that is awesome.  Apparently Piston does not like burpees and said he hoped we wouldn’t be doing any this morning.  Those are famous last words brother!  Also, Schultz must love burpees because he kept picking hearts!  By the way, if you completed all reps, we did 91 reps of each exercise with four 10 counts and two moseys.  If you didn’t complete all reps, don’t worry…you’ll see this workout again in the future.  Remember how you did so you can compare this you with the future you.  Finally, great job to those that stepped up to lead a Mary exercise and Piston for taking us out.  We are all leaders!

The Farm

3 thoughts on “"I hope we aren't doing burpees today"

  1. Piston

    Yeah so i see a deck of cards thrown down and i think how hard can this be?
    As the thing progresses i start doing the math in my head, dear Lord we are in trouble
    I personally did about 35 full burpies and the rest modified cuz, well, um, yeah i am a newbie and quite old!
    Anyway, we made it thru the deck and dang it was hard but good at the same time
    Thanks Farm!!!

    1. Cinder Block

      Man Down introduced that card workout to me for the first time. It’ll work you. 35 full burpies is no joke especially for an old man “Respect”

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