Concord F3 – Postcards from HipBone

mosey to demo area

SSH 15x
IST 15x
Cotton Pickers 12x
Other cotton pickers 12x
Mosey to Hill 216
The Thang:
partner up by size

Hill is set up with four stations (marked by cones)
stagger pairs so roughly one pair at each station

Run up to top of station 1
At top – LBC’s 16x (2-count)
Move to station 2

jog to bottom
Partner carry to top of station 2 (trade off as often as you wish)
At top – Merkins 12X
Move to station 3

Farmer quadrafilia with two cylinder blocks to bottom and back
At top – skull crushers 12x
move to station 4

Bearcrawl down hill
crab walk up hill
curls with two gravel bags 12x
move to station 5

crawl down hill
buttskoots up hill
At top – squats 16x
Proceed to demo area

4 burpies
Jog back to station 1 and start again

increase hill top reps by 4

Mosey to Mary
1 minute plank
Mason Twists 20X

Naked Man Moleskins –

Another Hot Day on tap & still getting sunlight sooner each morning. but in spite of the heat, 11 of Cabarrus’s finest showed up to take on Hill 216 again.
Pairing up really helped to push through the workout, but quite a bit of chatter as we began to spread out over the AO. Hats off to TP & Skinner who threw some wheel-barrowing into the mix (guess there wasn’t enough variety in the routine), but did not see anyone else take up the challenge. This time the lawn service crew didn’t hassle us so we didn’t have to take headcounts every time the mower passed.
Awesome show of effort from everyone, & no one got hurt. Much to be thankful for.

It was decided to move the remainder of Satuday beatdowns to 6 am instead of 7 am – until fall.

Honored to Q!
You guys keep me coming back.