We need a M*A*S*H unit up in here!

Shovel Flag set, disclaimer given, time to mosey into the heart of the Asteroidea.

(short because YHC knew what was coming)

WindMillsx11IC (when you oops counting, always end on a prime)


Welcome the pax to the heart of the starfish. Each arm of the starfish starts and ends at the center. This is an AMRAP exercise.

at the center, do 5 dolly-angels in the grass
1st arm – Walk backwards up Pork Chop Hill for jump-squats x20, run back to the center
2nd arm – Run up to sand VB court #1 for roof-builders x20, run back to the center
3rd arm – Run up to sand VB court #2 for burpees x20, run back to the center
4th arm – Run up to Disc Golf Tee-box #1 for merkins x20, run back to the center
5th arm – Run to picnic shelter for bench dips x20, run back to the center
repeat the circuit for 3 more rounds taking 5 reps off the sets (x15, x10, x5)
complete As Many Reps As Possible in the remaining time.

Larry Birds are to partner up with another pax still in the starfish. We had 2 Larry Birds, Capri & Glass Joe.


Arm-Flutters x20IC (10 each way)



TCLAPS to everyone for taking on this morning’s muggy starfish challenge. YHC doesn’t usually do Wednesday morning workouts, Wednesdays for the Wifey he says. So he figured if he was gonna be there, might as well make it worth it for everyone.

Awesome job 9-volt for coming out regardless of the twitter warning about the possibility of needing a MASH unit for recovery. TCLAPS to Drop Thrill who is recovering nicely from his 2000 mile coaster trip; that is a lot of coasters dude. But the Ace of Cakes is Maple Syrup who went on to finish his set after the COT, because it had to be done. Great Take-Out too brother even if you didn’t want to pound on the stinky glove! Glass Joe was in beast mode today, just dont step into the ring with Big Mike. YHC thinks maybe we need to rename Capri to Ninja Capri,

We’ll definitely have to save this one for future use to measure pax progress.


  • Come out to THE VET on Saturday, 0700. Capri is on Q so its sure to be fierce. I think I heard something about rock golf.
  • New Thursday running workout is soft-starting next week. Meet up at Veterans Park at 0530 for a 4-miler,
  • Mint Hill Metal is starting up next week, Friday June 26, 0530 @ Idlewild Baptist Church. This is gonna be a strength & conditioning workout using kettlebells and 0.0 mentality.
  • Harrisburg F3Dads is starting this Saturday at Stalling Park in Harrisburg @ 0700. Bring your 2.0’s
  • Area51 F3Dads is still going this Saturday at Col. Beatty Park in Matthews @ 0900. Last week they had almost 90 show up. Bring your 2.0’s
  • Pay attention to @F3minthill for up to date info on backblasts, preblasts, and sites.
  • Next week’s Wednesday workout might change sites to freshen things up a bit.

The Smoked Chum Tour stop #2 is in the books. Come to Meathead if you wanna experience the Tour Finale.


2 thoughts on “We need a M*A*S*H unit up in here!

  1. Drop Thrill

    What an awful way to return to the ranks. I didn’t even make it through the round of 10’s. Meanwhile Glass Joe was all “What? I’m done? I want more!”.

    Friday I’ll be on Q at Overdrive (Sun Valley Middle – 5:30) and Monday I’m Q at Piledriver. Come get a double heaping helping if you dare.

    Hope all the dad’s have a great Father’s Day weekend.

  2. Glass Joe

    Enjoyed getting to meet you guys. Great AO out there. Will definitely be making it back out some this summer as that’s actually the next closest AO to me after Sun Valley. Maybe even a guest Q at some point this summer.

    Props to all the PAX for pushing hard out there this morning. Give me 8 over 80 and humid any day of the week. Loved seeing Maple Syrup going in for some extra credit to finish out his reps. It’s what you do when you don’t have to that starts to define you.

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