Preamble…..I am sorry dude…..

17 sweaty men turned up for a little swat this morning.  It was a hot, humid gloom and I was already dripping sweat before I even touched my bell.(that sounds wrong).

My first order of business was to apologize to Preamble.  Yesterday at Church he asked me about the kettle bell workout and said he would come as long as YHC was not the Q.  I told him I was not, that Striker had the Q.  In my mind, I thought he might be better off with me Q’ing…….Striker = Intense!  So around 8:00 last night, Striker calls and asks me to take his Q.  Again, Sorry Preamble.

Mosey to the bottom lot

12 x SSH

12 x IST

12 x Windmill

Some arm circles

mosey to your bell and circle up

simple set this morning;

burpee jump to side over bell – 1,2,3…….10

Goblet Squat – 2,4,6……..20

Kettlebell Swing – 3,6,9…….30

take a break

next set on your back = Nice Q!!

Skull Crusher – 1,2,3…..10

Pull Over – 2,4,6……20

Chest Press – 3,6,9…….30

airborne mind benders

mosey to pull up bars

3 x 30sec dead hangs

mosey back

20 x Pretzel crunch

The sweat dripping moleskin;

1. We did this workout over 6 months ago.  At that time we were only able to get through the first set.  This time we got both!  Strong push men!!

2. Welcome to 2 FNG’s Staying Alive and Speechless!  Keep coming out!  You will get stronger!

3. Sorry Preamble…….




24 thoughts on “Preamble…..I am sorry dude…..

  1. The Farm

    I felt a little bad because 1) I know how much preamble enjoyed Dingo’s last Q (100 burpees) and 2) Not sure that the Davis Lake guys were expecting that kind of beatdown. You’re gaining a reputation at Davis Lake Dingo…

    Solid beatdown! My triceps were burning from those skull crushers and pullovers. Crazy how fast Tradition is growing. Seems like there are FNGs at every workout. Good stuff.

  2. Bloodsport

    Thanks Farm for bringing the extra bells. I struggled (through it all…) but the #25 seems like the right stating point looking for one soon.

    Any beat down is better with burpees.

    1. The Farm

      No problem brother! Check out Academy this week…they are on sale for $1/lb. I bought those yesterday as spares but would also sell it to you if you are interested.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    That was BRUTAL! I’m worn out this morning. Didn’t help that it was so damn humid too. Nice beatdown Dingo. Way to push out there everyone. Welcome to Staying Alive and Speechless. As I was told, it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

    1. The Farm

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Give me a winter morning in the 20s/30s any day over a morning like this morning.

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Agreed Farm. Just think, we only have roughly 3 months left of this fun, humid weather. 😉

    2. Dingo Post author

      I gotta admit, that was pretty brutal! I was glad to be switching between the 40lb and 30lb……

  4. Bottom Dweller

    Brutal is right Jelly! My arms are really feeling it and my back wasn’t happy with me before we started. Had to really lock the core to protect the back this morning. Great Q dingo! THanks for the beatdown!

  5. Man Down

    First real kettlebell workout I’ve had in about a year. That was painfully wornderful! I’m hoping to become a regular at SWAT and BOMB if I can convince my eldest 2.0 that she’s old enough to watch over the younger ones should they wake while both the M and I are gone. I need this!
    Quite a crowd out there today. Dingo, did you get contact info for Speechless and Staying Alive? I can get SA’s if you need it.

  6. Maximus_MECA

    Yes – it was a brutal beatdown @dingo. Just when I was starting to feel comfortable with my new bell and weight this workout happens, I couldn’t finish a lot of it and I am wondering what is the matter. I’ll rationalize – the burpees did me in and oh by the way burpees have nothing to do with ketlebells! I need to work on my stamina much more – perhaps I ought to get some pointers from @Dutch!

  7. Gazebo

    Killer KettleBell Beatdown Dingo!! Much appreciated, not during the workout of course…but good job everyone!!!

    1. The Farm

      Yeah! Glad it’s not just me! My shoulders were sore this morning but this morning’s beatdown fixed me right up!

    2. Man Down

      My triceps are pretty sore, but the most painful are my traps! Must have been those KB Swings!

        1. The Farm

          ManDown, were you putting your hips into it??? 😉

          I thought the second set of three would be easier until @Dingo started flying through them. I’ll bet he’s patting himself on the back as we speak at the fact that we are still talking about it a day later.

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