Recovery Ride

4 men gathered at Harrisburg Elementary for a little recovery ride.   Maybe a little recovery from The Bear last week or probably more so from Gamma house party yesterday.

06:09 –  The Q woke up from a deep sleep.   Wife asking “aren’t you supposed to be leading a bike ride today?”

06:23 – Fastest transition time ever for a veteran triathlete.  Geared up and ready to roll at the AO.

06:30 – COT and on the Road.

Here’s the route for today:

  • Left on Stallings Rd.
  • Left on Rocky River Rd.
  • Right on Lower Rocky River Rd.
  • Left on Pine Groove Ch Rd.
  • Right on Flowes Store Rd.
  • Left on Sam Black Rd.
  • Left on Helmdale Rd.
  • Left on Bethel Church Rd.
  • Left on Jim Kiser Rd.
  • Left on Flowes Store Rd.
  • Right on Pine Groove Ch Rd.
  • Left on Rocky River Rd.
  • Right on Stallings Rd.
  • Back to the School.

And for the non believers click here. 

The moleskin:

Slow and steady ride today.  Clocked 16.5 miles at 14mph.

Glad to see Parkay giving it a shot.   When the bike bug bites,  he bites hard…  Hold on to the wallet tightly brother…  Hope to see you back out there with or without new gear.

Hope the rest of the ride was a good one Drone!

Good ride Billy Goat!  Getting brave with the aero bars!

Have a blessed day!



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  1. escalade Post author

    Fun times guys! Thanks for posting. Get ready for the Super Brick … I think we need to do that in the near future.

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