F3 Kickball – Professional KickBallers?

13 of F3’s most versatile athletes plus 3 ladies took the field at BB&T stadium for a fun-filled day of kickball at BB&T stadium.

After a quick check-in, we found out that we had a bye in the 1st round and would be waiting about 90 minutes to play which gave us time to strategy. Asked to submit a roster by our handler, YHC quickly realized that this was not the kickball of yore where you simply went out on the field and played the position that was available.  Knowing Nibbler has many years of baseball coaching and that the strategy of the two was similar, assignment was made to have Nibs set the lineup.  YHC had second thoughts as he asked is there anyone fast on the team….Steve Smith?…and Smitty was placed into the lead-off slot.

The 90 minutes allowed us to set some strategy by watching the other teams play and the discussion was lively about possible strategies.  I could tell the PAX was serious about the game as beer was available and water was the choice beverage.

1st Game – Our celebrity teammates showed up  – Steve Smith, Brent Bersin, Thomas Davis, Melvin White & Others.  The other team had Daughtry on their team ….. Smitty vs. Daughtry…we knew we had the game in the bag.  We won the coin toss and the selection was made to bat 1st.   We quickly took a 2 zero lead in the 1st inning with stellar base running and a couple of dropped balls.  We were able to hang onto the 2 run lead with superb defensive play and we were onto the semis.

The success of winning went to our heads and the 1st cervezas were brought out as we had another hour to wait until the semi game.  Much 2nd F was had as we tried to stay cool in the heat.

Semi-Final Game – We lost the coin toss and immediately headed for the field.  During the 1st five innings it was a defensive standoff as neither side could score.  In the fifth inning we had a few defensive miscues that allowed a couple of base runners that led to the lone score for our opponents.   We valiantly tried to come back but could not score in the final inning.

Our day in the sun was over and it was time for a little more 2nd F before heading home.

Overall a great day…where else can you try and headlock a professional football player when he asks “What is F3?”.  Our shirt design was so impressive that several teams asked if were a “Professional Kick Ball Team”.

Thanks to Kickin’ Chicken and Super Dave for their support in helping organize and the many PAX who donated to make this event  a reality.  We were the only organization that participated that didn’t have direct corporate sponsorship.   It was great to see F3 up on the big screen.


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  1. Chelms aka Tatertot

    When is practice for next year? Only need to work on offense as defense was solid. Kicking that over-sized medicine ball was awkward, although Leroy was 2 for 2 and scored once (designated kicker?).

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