A Bear at the SBE Station

Beautiful morning. Harbinger of summer – humid and quite toasty – fortunately our Chicago Bear quickly embraced the benefits of shade after they were explained to him. Must be a southern thing.

The Thang:
Ditka had memorized the play book so he did not have a Weinke – or he just decided to wing it. Following is to the best of YHC’s recollection.

SSH X 25
Dutchman X 25
Imperial Walker X 20
Czechoslovakian Torso Twists X 20
LBC’s X 20
Dips X 20
Incline Merkins X 20
Sprint, Run, Mosey, Fast walk from the base of Mt. Anderson, around Strummer’s Tree and Back

Buzz Group X 3 Minutes
One Minute each exercise – AMRAP
Plank Jacks
Sprint, Run, Mosey, Fast walk from the base of Mt. Anderson, around Strummer’s Tree and Back
Plank until all return
Second Evolution – ditto, except moved to shade and had a 10 second rest break between exercises
Third Evolution – ditto

Buzz Group X 2 Minutes
Mosey to the Rotunda (to be renamed Dredd’s Storm Shelter)
Step Ups X 10 each leg
Dips X 20
Incline Merkin X 20
Sprint, Run, Mosey, Fast walk from Dredd’s Storm Shelter, around Strummer’s Tree and Back
Second Evolution – Ditto
Third Evolution – Ditto

LBC’s X 20
Variable Speed Scissors X 20

Buzz Group X 1 Minute

Sprint, Run, Mosey, Fast walk from Dredd’s Storm Shelter to SP
LBC’s X 20
Czechoslovakian Torso Twists


Naked Moleskin:

The Silver Bullet Express Passengers enjoyed Ditka’s Bear Workout and appreciate his leadership.

Several unusual events occurred, however. First, Ditka wanted a new name for Windmills. After due consideration and debate, he decreed that henceforth the exercise would be known as the Dutchman (SBE’s apologies to Don Q). Next YHC had to explain Mt Anderson, our very own $1,000,000 hill and the derivation of Strummer’s Tree. At some point, DeMille just did not resonate with our passengers so he was given an F3/SBE name of SOUNDTRACK!

After the COP and the Strummer’s Tree exercises, we had to direct Ditka to the Rotunda area for step ups, etc. He asked what we did there and someone said that it is Dredd’s Storm Shelter. So, there you have it!

Next, Double Trouble challenged Soundtrack to play catch me if you can – DT is quite the competitor for a guy with the hands of a wide receiver. Pretty quick on his feet too. 007 was unusually quiet but stayed with Ditka and Horse. Our War Daddy barely broke a sweat and continues to set the bar high for the SBE youngsters. Money was in recovery mode but did F3 Charleston proud.

We have an impressive list of F3 Celebrities scheduled to be Guest Conductors over the summer. Rather than provide the schedule, YHC believes it will be fun to be pleasantly surprised each Saturday at the SBE Station. All are highly experienced leaders and are from F3 Metro. Come see who is there!

Now that Ditka has his head around shade, he promised to spread the word at the Academy of Guest Conductors.

We are grateful to Ditka for leading us. It was so stimulating that YHC did not nod off. Thank you, brother.

Saturdays with Silver Bullet are special. Thank you all for the opportunity.


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  1. Joe Strummer

    Honored to have a tree named after me, but that tree was my Waterloo. The beginning of the end of that “largest ever” SBE for Jedi’s birthday.

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