Return of the Cups

An uneven 9 and 0 takers of the Ghost Flag showed up for some Speed.

The Thang:
=>Head off into the gloom with some butt kickers, Stoli skips and line touches

DropCloth Oval Track (DOT) – Warm Up

  • After “Race to Place” around the car drop off zone island at Middle School, partner up
  • Partner 1 runs lap, Partner 2 rest
  • Partner 2 runs lap, Partner 1 rest
  • Repeato for 2 laps each to total 1/2 mile

=>Mosey to Middle School (through the sharpy bushes)

Cup Drills

  • Line up 4 cups on curb
  • Partner 1, plank
  • Partner 2, run down parking space, pick up cup, run back up around line and back down and place cup on other curb (Repeato x4)
  • Switch with Partner 2 planking and Partner 1 doing cup drill
  • >>AUDIBLE<< Too much standing around…..everyone gets cups!
  • Continue cup drills with various ways to get cups (backwards, shuffle, forward)

=>Mosey behind Middle School

Cup Wall Drills

  • Line up 4 cubs on the ground
  • Pick up cup, run to wall, jump to place cup on wall, run to base of hill, quadraphelia up hill, run back down, get next cup (Repeato x4 until 4 cups on the wall)
  • Repeato to get the 4 cups off the wall
  • Repeato again to put cups back on wall minus the quadraphelia
  • Repeato to gets cups off the wall

=>Mosey to bus lot

Partner Up

  • Partner relay suicides
  • Complete the second half mile of the DOT

=>Mosey back to HCE


Pray (for Preschool’s 2.0 fast recovery of a broken arm)


Moleskin or what the Q learned today:

  1. You give a bunch of kids 36 cups, you get back 36 cups. You give a bunch of grown men 36 cups, you get back 28.
  2. The men of F3 will run for 200+ miles in the mountains, ruck with heavy objects, carry pallets through a river and get up before the rooster to drive 30 miles and claim a flag, get muddy, BUT innocent, tame bushes are “sharp and can hurt.”
  3. That “chowderized” is not just a term for verbal instructions, but can be used for bad listening. “Q – Can you use that in a sentence?” “Sure, my instructions were perfectly clear, I suppose you chowderized them inside you head.”
  4. The 9 were either tired or know absolutely nothing about pop culture due to NO mention of Pink Floyd or MJs fifth studio recorded album while utilizing the Wall.
  5. Gump has a complete bike shop in his garage, so see him for any repairs.
  6. The Nanny has a new, shiny clipboard and he is taking Q orders.
  7. Kool-Aid is spending his last day in his 40s.
  8. Finally, the men of F3 really push themselves (and each other) and I’m thankful, but I already knew that.


3 thoughts on “Return of the Cups

  1. The Nanny

    @Pavarotti. Great Q and great BB. A veteran Q doing his thang. For the record….unlike some others I returned all the cups I was issued….running through holly bushes will never be a good idea, and thanks to the 5 guys who signed up to Q an upcoming workout.

  2. Shazam

    Nice work @Pavarotti… haven’t gotten to enjoy the cup workout before. Solid work all around. How many refuseniks did we have on the bushes? 2 or 3 with Nanny leading the charge #notachance. Feeling it in the legs this afternoon, always a good sign of a proper beatdown. Also, that trash can jump was just pure silliness.

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