3 for Dale

Seven of Harrisburg’s men got up in the humid summer morning for some Friday acceleration.  The workout was pretty simple:


  • 1 mile around the track
  • Disclaimer (sorta)

The Thang

  • 3-800m run (2 laps)
    • ~1 minute rest between sets
  • 3-600m run (1.5 laps)
    •  wait for everyone to finish then mosey down to 600m start (aka 200m start, or half lap start) then ~30 second rest
  • Mosey back to parking lot for cool down


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to lead as well as putting up with my lousy leadership skills.
  2. Great push by everyone today! It was a pleasure working with these fine group of men this morning.
  3. Had planned for 3-400m sprints as well but we ran out of time.
  4. Tclaps to Al Bundy for modifying the workout and keeping up with the laps.
  5. Good finish by Banjo Boy and FNG Matt Tooth on that 600, seriously thought it would be a photo finish.
  6. Didn’t realize just how fast Strapless was, he was nipping at my heels the whole time.
  7. Good push by World Peace and Scrappy at the end of every set!
  8. F3 Mint Hill official kick-off is tomorrow at Veterans park starting at 7am.  @Deuce has the lead so you know it will be good.
  9. F3 Harrisburg family picnic at @Gamma’s house tomorrow as well.  Be sure to respond to the evite.
  10. Harrisburg will host an F3 Dads workout on June 20th where the little F3 prodigies are welcome to join in on all the fun.  Do It For Da Kids! Pancakes and sausage will also be provided after the workout. Be sure to contact @Clueless if you can help with the breakfast.

Shake N’ Bake,

The Magnificent

2 thoughts on “3 for Dale

  1. BBQ

    Looks like a good one @Magnificent. Good to see @Strapless back out and on your heels.

    Welcome out Matt Tooth and @Scrappy. Look forward to meeting you guys at your next post.

    1. The Magnificent Post author

      Thanks @BBQ! It was a good one. I was happy to see everyone pushing their limits this morning.

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