Playin wid the dirty dozen

13 PAX in a soup of humidity posted this day

WARMORAMEE; Little mosey of a few hundred yards with high knees, high skips, and karaoke.

THE THANG: 12 exercises with 3 movements per station done in sets of 10 REPS- RINSE AND REPEAT x 3 for TOTAL OF 90 REPS at each station before rotating. Any exercise in BOLD BELOW is done in cadence. After a complete cycle of all four stations the PAX then went into a SPEED round with 5 REPS of each exercise before rotating.


Manmakers with stone x 5

Mt Climbers x 10
High Knees x 10


Curls with cinder block x 10
Goblet Squats with block x 10
Skull Crushers with block x 10


V ups x 10
Reaching planks x 10
Alt supermans x 10


Derkins x 10
Plank jacks x 10
Stump jumpers x 10

LB side crunches RT 10 n LT 10

Death by Plank – From a HAND PLANK position bring Right KNEE TO NOSE AND HOLD, Right KNEE TO LEFT ELBOW and HOLD, RIGHT KNEE TO RIGHT ELBOW AND HOLD.  Repeat all with LEFT KNEE.

MOLESKIN: Great turnout and great effort by all.  Sundrop was huge surprise. Im sorry but you are gonna hurt for a few days and that was not fair to you at all. Apologies to Grover, Scooby, and Backdraft that had to do a million reps at the Charles Bronson station. I knew I had the math off when Grover was still working and all the other PAX were staring down at them like what the hey are they doing thinking Grover starting to loose the edge. BUT Then we all got a taste o that and Grover still doing fine. Yes sir. Ummm good and good far ya too.  Have a good day gentlemen and be good to others at all times.