Pain Station Medley

6 pax gathered in the gloom at The Precinct for a pain station beatdown. ┬áHere’s what happened:



SSH, Hillbilly’s, IST, Arm Circles, Cotton Pickers, Windmill


The Thang:

All medleys are 10-2

Pain Station Medley #1 – with cinderblocks:

1. Shoulder presses

2. Upright rows

3. Curls

4. Tricep extensions

Pain Station Medley #2 – merkin medley:

1. Merkins

2. Diamond merkins

3. Merkins – left hand staggered in front of right hand

4. Merkins – right hand staggered in front of left hand

Pain Station Medley #3 – quad killer:

1. Jump squats

2. Bulgarian squats – left leg

3. Jump squats

4. Bulgarian squats – right leg



LBCs, Pretzel Crunches, Mason Twist, Airborne Mindbender


Great work today fellas!

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