Oh What a Feeling, Toyota!

24 Men met at the Ridge in Harrisburg to get the blood flowing for the day. This is what went down:

Mosey through parking lot


Side straddle hop x 25

Imperial storm troopers x 15

Windmill x 15

Merkins x 10

Mountain climbers x 10

Air squat x 10

The Thang

Line up on curb then road jump to first island in parking lot then run to other end of parking lot

Return by doing walking lunges to first island then run to original starting point

COP – Diamond merkins x 10, Toyotas x 10, mountain climbers x 10 (in cadence)

Repeat these these three times

4 Corners – run to all four corners of parking lot…with 5 double burpees at each corner

Mosey to base of the ridge….ten decline merkins followed by ten incline merkins (in cadence)


Bottom of ridge: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 little baby crunches

bear crawl to top

Top of ridge: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jump squats

Run to bottom

Jailbreak to Mary


LBC x 25

Pickle Pounders x 10

WW II situos – 10 OYO

Low Dolly x 10

Squirm x about 13 (thanks Starsky)

Naked Moleskin

Always an honor to lead, men

It was a muggy morning, and there was a lot of sweating….way to push yourselves

Thanks, Deuce for the jump-up reminder on the Toyotas…I do recall that TV commercial now

Thanks, Posh….pickle pounders is a more colorful name than hip thrusters

Good to see @Starsky out after the knee injury….not sure I understood the cadence on the Mary take-out squirm…heard a bit of heckling also from the @Bull side of the circle

F3 Mint Hill official kick-off is this Saturday at 7:00 am…join @Deuce there if you can…thanks, @Deuce for your efforts in starting up this new AO

F3 Harrisburg family picnic at @Gamma’s house this Saturday….please respond to the E-vite…@Starsky will be showing his grilling mastery

Harrisburg is hosting F3 Dads on June 20….bring all your 2.0’s……pancakes and sausage are planned afterwards…..contact @Clueless if you can help with the breakfast

Check out The Bear back-blast that F3MeCa hosted last Saturday: I don’t see how the finalee to this epic beat-down can be topped! http://f3nation.com/2015/06/09/the-bear-2015-backblast-golden-bear-or-golden-tee/ … Hats off to @Chowder as master Q and to all the MECA Pax who pulled this off….it took lots and lots of planning and execution (and pallets, and tires, and conveyor belt ladders, and …)




7 thoughts on “Oh What a Feeling, Toyota!

  1. BBQ

    I would have totally been ok with the field w/sprinklers. I was wet anyway when we finished. Thanks for the lead @SS Minnow.

    Good to see @Al Bundy back out. Nice work brother.

    @Clueless – I’ve got a griddle if you want to borrow it. I vote for @Banjo Boy to cook the pancakes. No 2.0s (yet)? Problem solved. Will be good practice for him.

    1. Clueless

      Sounds good BBQ. I’ve got you down for a griddle. We are looking for a cook @BanjoBoy…

  2. Nautilus

    Thanks for the lead @Minnow. Definitely sweated a lot. My clothes and shoes were soaked. Definitely sweated a lot. My clothes and shoes were soaked.

    I would be happy to help however I can with pancakes. Let me know what I can do @Clueless.

    1. Clueless

      Thanks @Nautilus! Hit me up at a workout prior to next Saturday. I’ve got a list of needs going.

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