Mosey to the Dragon

12 Stoners enjoyed a little mosey around the AO with Pox at the helm, sort-of, it went somethign like this and involved a dragon:

   W R  Odell  Elementary


  • Frankenstine walk with variations
  • Lunge with elbow to ankle
  • inchworm merkins
  • cone slalom
  • slow mosey to bus parking lot


  • SSHx15
  • Cotton pickers x10
  • Windmillx10
  • Apollo Ohno’s x10
  • Parker-Petersx10
  • Peter-Parkersx10

India run to elementry school

Plank clock: merkinsx5, peter-parkersx10, wide merkinsx5, CDDx5, diamond merkinsx5

Mosey to elementry school wall: wall sit-1:15w/15AP, 3 balls to wall, wall sit-1:15w/15AP, 2 balls to wall, wall sit1:15w/15AP, 1 balls to wall

Mosey to front of elementry school: dips on mini wall x 15

Mosey through the dragon to the baseball field area

Run the dragon: partner up, one team per picnic table, Partner 1 does as many reps as possible of 5 table shrugs, 5 table squat presses, and 5 step-ups or jump-ups (your choice on seat or top of table), partner 2 runs under the Dragon and back to picnic table and switches with Partner 1.  – REPETO, REPETO (3 rounds for each team) clean tables off

1 Minute assisted Paleo squat with instructions

Mosey behind school to elementry school playground: stay with partner, partner 1 does 10 pull-ups (or modification using available equipment), partner 2 does 10 incline merkins and 10 decline merkins, partners switch.  REPETO, REPETO (3 rounds)

Slow mosey to loading dock, reassemble the Pax, Indian Run back to Middle school parking lot

COP: 8 Count Body Builders x 8

1 Minute paleo squat


The moleskin

  • The Q’s original plan was a death by workout involving Rocks, but after reading about the Chachi VQ rockfest, rolling stone beatdown, I scraped plan 1 and went to plan 2 which was mostly made up on the fly
  • I though touring the AO would be fun, not too many of us have gone around the elementry school, lots of future options over there.
  • Thanks to Chachi for the reminder to keep the AO clean after the picnic table work
  • Mumble chatter was in good shape during the COP, with plenty of distractions but LawDawg and Kato were under control until we made it back for my bastardation of 8 Count Body Builders (I Q’d the sequence wrong – I guess we’ll just have to do more next time to figure it out)
  • Great to see some new faces, Subzero and Ponch, now we just have to get some old ones back
  • Oh yeah – how many AOs have a Dragon!  If we ever do a tee-shirt we are going to have stones and dragons on it.

YHQ – Pox



6 thoughts on “Mosey to the Dragon

  1. Pox Post author

    Great work today Pax, appreciate all the help I had in demonstrating proper form – the tables were turned!

  2. Stretchy

    Great Q today. Your name should be PACK instead of POX, I can’t believe how much stuff in pack in a workout. I really like the instruction on squat form as well.

  3. Kato

    Pox: there’s not many arenas where the grasshopper can poke at the sensei. Thanks for tolerating the mumble chatter this morning.

    I definitely agree with Stretchy’s point: I think it was 6:10 when we left the elementary school….and you still had time to do stuff before we had the COT. Jam packed workout for sure.

    Great work put in by all and it was great to venture over to the elementary school. While we had a decent sized group, there were a lot missing. Mattress King, Waterboy, Uggs, Quiddich, Whatley, Dr. Phil, LoCo, and Cash to name a few…. You guys were missed.

  4. LawDawg

    Nice beatdown @Pox. I appreciated the call out about mumble chatter while I was busy sucking wind on the elementary school playground!

    Props to @Smokeless for the much improved fitness level. I noticed it bigtime today.

    Tclaps all around for pushing each other today. I’ve said it before, but nobody (at least none of us) would push ourselves as hard as we go.

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