F3 KickBall Cam Newton Foundation -Pre-Blast

The Thang:

12 of the baddest F3rs and 3 ladies (some FIA) take the field tomorrow at BB&T Stadium to participate in the Kick It With Cam Kickball tournament.

Games start at 3.  General Admission is $5.  Beer will be available.  If you have the afternoon free (or  even if you don’t) show up to support the PAX participating.  All of these guys have given back to the various F3 volunteer orgs (Billingsville, AG, MIP, LetMeRun).

Nibbler has said that he will be in rare form given the location is a baseball diamond.  I guess the place not the sport is what counts.

Weather is supposed to be great.

Come on out.


2 thoughts on “F3 KickBall Cam Newton Foundation -Pre-Blast

  1. Marv

    Sorry I couldn’t be there… best of luck, go get’em. Win one for the…
    But beside the point, great line-up here. Thanks to all the men of F3 who step up, and are willing to put others first.

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