I Should Have Went Running…

Five strong PAX, including YHC, gathered to stretch and and keep themselves limber.  It was fast paced and intense.  So much so that one Pax was overheard saying, “I should have went running”.  Got to take the compliments when you can!

The Thang.. (All stretches require deep inhale/exhale, on exhale increase stretch)

  1. Swan Dive into the pool, Chaturanga/Vinassa (includes Updog and Downdog)
  2. Neck stretch – pulling arm behind back, lean neck to opposite side
  3. “Back up the Car” Neck Stretch– Lock hands on steering wheel, turn head to the left/right
  4. Head Rolls – Side to side
  5. Horse Stance Shoulder stretch – Palms up, arms out, try to touch thumbs behind back
  6. Forearm flexor stretch– on all 4’s, fingers to side/facing knees, Lean sid2side/back
  7. Forearm in Cement – Wait, what are we squeezing (#hadtobethere)
  8. Arm Circles – Small/Med/Large – forward/reverse (#soundsoptional)
  9. Shoulder-Tricep grab –  Extend arm across chest, lock elbow with opposite arm
  10. Standing Side Stretch – Arm up, lean to opposite side, repeato
  11. Back (spine) Rollers – On six, roll/rock on back to massage spine
  12. Cat/Cow – Inhale to concave back, exhale to arched back while on all 4’s
  13. Glute Stretch – on back, L ankle over R knee, reach and grab right ham, pull in – Repeato
  14. Wide Feet Forward Bend to Half Twist – 1 hand on ground, other to the sky, look up
  15. Camel (no “toe” here 🙂 – on knees, lean back, place hands on soles of feet
  16. Camel Back – same as above but proceed to lie on ground (#howdokidsdothis)
  17. Kenpo Quad Stretch – Slide knee up, sit on heel, grab opposite foot and pull, repeato
  18. Bow – on stomach, grab feet, push chest up & pull legs up
  19. Low Squat (AKA Mistletoe)- Horse stance, lower butt until elbows lock inside knees
  20. Frog – all I can say is, “did you feel that one?”
  21. Plough – legs up, lower legs over head, relax over ears – BREATHE!!
  22. One Legged Hamstring Stretch – Self explanatory, repeato other leg
  23. Two Legged Hamstring Stretch– Self explanatory, repeato other leg
  24. Scissor Legs – ballistic hamstring stretch, 1 foot 6″ off ground, other straight up, repeato
  25. Train Track Stretch – Feet apart, one leg slightly forward, swan dive over forward leg, repeato
  26. Toe Flexors – rotate ankle/foot left/right/point/flex, repeato
  27. Downdog – in position alternate bending knees for extra calf stretch
  28. Updog – make sure tops of feet are on ground for top foot front calf stretch
  29. Childs Pose – on knees, rest on heels, arms outstretched in front, chest to ground

COT – Lead by Casper

Great work by all – I know some of the positions/stretches were tough but your body will thank you in the long run.  Don’t let your “lack of flexibility” stop you from coming, keep coming so you can get MORE FLEXIBLE!
2. Thursday Bootcamp at the Ridge – @SSMinnow has the Q.
3.  Prayers
still needed for Billy Goat and family.
4.  Acceleration (not Endurance 😉 Friday at HRMS- 
TheMagnificent has the Q
5.  KB’s Friday at Stallings Park – Schedule C has the Q
6.  F3 Dad’s Workout and Pancake Breakfast – 6/20
(anyone have electric griddles? Get with Clueless)

2 thoughts on “I Should Have Went Running…

  1. Othello Post author

    Great work men and an honor to lead as always. Great to see some new Warrior One PAX – Shameless, Honeydo, Starsky. Keep coming and getting more flexible. You will need it because SSMinnow is leading tomorrow and I think “running” will be involved – your hip flexors will thank you! You are welcome 😉

  2. Clueless

    Great lead Othello! I concur… very nice to see folks take advantage of this tremendous workout option.

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