Half Life Record Day

Today 35 of F3Nation’s finest posted and raised the bar for #F3Counts @ Half-Life by getting faster with 4.5 miles of hills and burpees. 9 men also completed #TheStandard for 2.5 miles

* = The Standard
** = The Standard Only
# = MECA Visitors who got here in record time thanks to I-485 loop completion


YHC in all honesty audibled from the workout I drew up last night when I saw the # of PAX we had today. 35 men on the track would have been a little crowded. I decided and went with the lesser or two evils. Yes, I thought this was the easier of the two workouts I had in my head.

Run to Hough High and take a left down Hell Hill (that’s the name I am giving that Hill from now on). Hell Hill is nearly a 1/4 mile long with grades going up of 5-9%. It sucks.

Bottom of Hill 10 Burpees and run back up.  Repeato the hill runs and drop burpess from 8, 6, 4, 2, and 0.

Then do your odd #s. 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1. Not sure if anyone got the full # of laps in so if you did (looking at you Frodo and The Nanny) chime off in the comments below. Most got 7-8 laps today.


  1. TClaps to F3MECA for posting with 7 brothers today to capture the F3 Ghost Flag. Where will it end up next? Check twitter and go get it with 5 or more PAX from your AO.
  2. 28 Isotopians posted today at Half-Life (which would have still been a record by the way). Bunch of F3Isotope PAX wanting to get faster. Strong stuff men.
  3. Frodo lapped the entire PAX on the first lap which sounds impossible but it happened. Stupid Fast. When Grey Ghost runs next to you and says, “Man that dude in the yellow tank-top that looks like Prime Time is fast,” you know he’s fast. Impressive.
  4. Best part of the workout was my audio recording of PAX list and at the end I heard someone say, “Hey Free Pass, that sucked real bad nice job!” Thanks I aim to please.
  5. Kumquat is looking for 5 more runners and a driver for his 6 man BRR team so good luck with that. 200+ miles solo will suck buddy.
  6. Good seeing some familiar faces today. The ability we all have to be out there for free, doing stupid stuff like this, with friends and brothers is a gift from God and kept free by the sacrifices of those putting themselves in harm’s way both domestically and abroad. F3 is a gift all men should receive. Don’t keep it a secret.

21 thoughts on “Half Life Record Day

  1. Grinder

    Thank you men for the hospitality out there this morning. It’s always fun to travel and see some new faces. Strong number today, keep up the good work!

  2. Moses

    Easy now, Free Pass. Oh Captain my Captain (Kumquat) has a team…we only down 1 man. One solid, tough, “hard to find because he’s a real stud”, MAN. Nice workout. Almost makes me wish I had done the Vern.

  3. Chowder

    Great workout @FP. Brutal. It just kept coming at you and there was nothing you could do to stop it. I’m surmising that @Frodo was only out front b/c he wasn’t at the Bear… he was off somewhere running in preparation for the Half Life Hell.

    I want some of what @BigD is on. On the 4th or 5th climb, somehow he put 20 yards between us in the span of 10 yards. #GumpMath (or maybe that’s #KumquatMath) That’s some BRR strong prep.

    Thanks for the push and accountability @JR. You kept me honest and working and forced me to keep driving to the very end. I’m #BartScotting for what you’re cooking up to serve the PAX at El D.

    Thanks for the NoCo hospitality fellas, both brothers familiar and new. Come see us in MeCa… we even built a special road to make it easier for y’all to get here. And I promise @Colonel doesn’t do his Playgirl pose at every workout… just the special ones.

  4. Frodo

    Great workout @FP. Thoroughly enjoyed it because it thoroughly sucked. Hills are hard, but they make other running easier. I did not get through all 11 cycles (hills/burpees). I think I only got in ten. #nexttime

    Great to meet more NoCo brothers.

    @Moses – I keep visiting NoCo and you’re never there. I’m going to start taking this personally.

    @GreyGhost and @TheNanny – thanks for the push. I knew if I let up for a second, you’d be by me and I wouldn’t be able to catch up.

  5. Jolly Roger

    Notes from this AM:
    – A motivated FP is a force to be reckoned with!
    – Frodo may not have gotten me on the first lap but it was early. Crazy fast. If only Mortimer wasn’t holding private running classes he could have had a running partner.
    – We hear Kumquat only needs 1, but we don’t see the others. I do remember a legend named Moses, is he still at Corvian waiting for the shuttle back to the Bear launch point?
    – Great to meet some new Meca Men, congrats on taking our flag, we will have it back faster than it takes to drive from here to there…well actually probably about that fast. notwithstanding rainy driving conditions.
    – The #Incognitians were 8/9 this AM. And had a hold on the lead until Team Auto woke up. I wish heavy eating upon your boys from Atlanta so we can even things out.
    – Chowda, my pleasure brother, #ISI
    – Same to you Colonel, everything inside me wanted to go without burpees on the odds, but your parting words were all I needed. #accountability #dangit
    – Not sure if Jenny or I had the previous record (it was me) but it got BLOWN AWAY today. Well done FP, and Silver Bullet for creating the Ghost Flag in NC.
    – Chowder, not sure what #Bartscotting is, but just know it will not be over quickly and you will not enjoy it. So with that being said, everybody come to El Dorado Monday!

      1. Jolly Roger

        That’s an intense 1 second. Social Media Operations have been engaged, whats the record?

        1. Chowder

          The record set on El D’s opening day still stands… at 30. We’ve also had one 27 and three 23’s. The common thread that stitches together the highest attended weekly ugliness at the mythical lost city of gold? The NoCo PAX clown car it over. Looks like those top #F3counts may be under siege yet again as yer skalliwags plunder the treasures of the North Deck. Sure hope the #GhostFlagNC will be present…

  6. Colonel Mustard

    Thanks for the hospitality NoCo men. I thought we were just going to run 4 miles and call it a day. I would almost consider that workout a #SnotWoggler if I had to run that hill another 15 minutes. Good thing it was only 45 min #beatdown. I considered going #chippendale on you men as the nips were starting to get raw but didn’t look like that kind of crowd and @GnarlyGoat was not in attendence. From the looks of it, we may have had a few #KingofKings in the PAX this morning. Strong work men.

    Sorry we couldn’t make #coffeeteria, oblignations back at the homebase for us. T-claps on the numbers and hope to achieve the same thing at @ElDorado on Monday.

    @JollyRanger – just making sure you got some more upper body in brother even though looks like you could bench press a small elephant. Glad I could help.

    @Loop – its been a while, glad to see you back out in the gloom. I know it sucks and you know it sucks but stay with it brother.

    -Col. Mustard out

    1. Jolly Roger

      Well, I guess that’s better than Jolly Rancher both sound a little “sweet” #ARGH!

  7. The Farm

    NoCo men,

    Thanks for the hospitality this morning. It’s amazing how our regions and AOs are slightly different but all the same. I was thinking the same as Col Mustard…that we would do a flat, 4 miler and call it a day. But when the hill was mentioned, I knew it would suck. Thanks for the words of encouragement! That hill made me feel like an FNG…meaning it’s what I needed. I hear there’s a UNCC parking deck out there that I can run to get stronger. I’ll have to check it out.

  8. Stray

    While we’re handing out kudos. A big kentucky derby style hat tip to Jorel. You straight smoked it today. You started out with your standard level pax (i.e. me) and then each lap progressed up passing pax until you were sub-Burner and ended up near the MeCa elite level. Awesome.

    1. Jorel

      Stray – you are elite level as well. Don’t sell yourself short, my friend. Half life is where you get faster by running with faster men. Faster men come to Half Life.

      That was a great run as I got to catch up with several of my boys – some I get to see a lot and some that I haven’t seen in a while, including the traveling MECA-ers.

  9. The Nanny

    I’d say it was fun this morning…but it wasn’t. Did anyone tell @Frodo that he didn’t have to “win” in order to take the Ghost Flag? Not sure where Grey Ghost fell into the mix, but I am pretty sure @Frodo and I went down the even burpee ladder (including a lap of 0 burpees – 0 is an even number, right??) and then made it to the round of 3 burpees for the odd burpee ladder. I could barely put one foot in front of the other by that last lap. I think it was @Don Ho who came and collected me at the 6 when I refused to let @Frodo finish the 3 burpee round w/o me. Thanks brother.

    The NoCo pax is a solid group of guys. It was fun seeing you on Saturday and then again today. I am sensing we may be on the verge of a new era of cross-AO posting. Looking forward to it.

    @Jorel Good seeing you again. Maybe we will post in the gloom again before we see each other at Dunkin Donuts w/ the barbarian horde of 2.0s.

    1. Frodo

      Wait! WHAT?!?! We didn’t have to “win” to take the Ghost Flag? Col. Mustard told me we had to “win” to take it AND he’d make me walk home if we didn’t win AND there was a 500 pull-up penalty for not “winning”….and as MECA knows, I don’t do upper body.

    2. Jorel

      Agreed, Nanny. Though I think we earned a trip to Dunkin Donuts after that madness today. Just need to coordinate it – between your tribe and mine we can field a football team.

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