Concord F3 – School's Out

Since school ended today, we made a tour of downtown Concord summer activity opportunities.

Mosey to parking lot behind Glenn Center:
SSH x 20
Mosey to sidewalk outside city pool

Start at bottom of lower stairs on the sidewalk by city pool and go to the top of second stairs. Bunny hop both stairs, hard run in between, and easy jog back. Repeato by 5
Mosey to Boys and Girls Club parking lot

Camp Spencer/Boys and Girls Club Summer Program
Indian run around furthest two islands in parking lot. Last person drop for 3 burpees and then run to the front. 1 full rotation of the pax
Mosey to Forest Hill United Methodist parking lot

Bible School
Squat/reverse crunches ladder. Start with 10 squats/2 reverse crunches and do the ladder by 10/2, 8/4, 6/6, 4/8, and 2/10
Mosey down Union to Library

Library Reading Program
Jack Webbs. Start at 1 merkin/2 air presses and go up by 1’s to 10/20.
Mosey back to Coltrane-Webb by way or Cabarrus and Spring

Summer School
Dips x 25
Mosey to Mary

LBC’s x 30

* Hard working pax this morning – great effort
* Always an honor and pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen