School of Rock

12 Rolling Stone PAX decided to join YHC this morning on my VQ.  It went something like this…


Mosey to the Bus Parking Lot

SSH 15x IC

IST 15x IC

Cotton Pickers 10x IC

Mosey to the Rock Pile grab a rock and mosey over to the school entrance

Bent Over Row/Curl 1 to 5 10 sec count 5 to 1 IC

Mosey to the Loading Dock Wall

People’s Chair/Pass the rock – Wall Ups Ladder 10 to 2 by twos

Mosey to Chuck Norris Memorial Courtyard

Prisoner squats with your rock 10x

Indian Rock Run to the Wall at the Track (Indian caries the rock over his head)

People’s Chair w/ rock extended out

Mosey to the track

Break up into groups of 3

1 person suicide run/ 1 person Rock Curl/ 1 person Squats – Switch

1 person duck walk to 1st rock then run to the 2nd rock – run back/ 1 person LBC w/ rock/ 1 person Plank – Switch

Mosey (for what seemed like a mile) to the rock pile to return the rocks then mosey to the front of the school for Mary

Box cutters 10x

Low flutter 10x



Great teamwork at the loading dock wall passing the rock.

Thanks to everyone helping me keep my count straight and organizing each exercise.  I have to admit you guys have made it look easy and it is not!

There are a bunch of great workouts in the area, kettle bells on Friday at Highlands, Satisfaction Cruise tomorrow Harris Road Middle School so keep up the good work.

If I have forgotten anything please post it in the comments.

12 thoughts on “School of Rock

  1. LawDawg

    @Chachi, awesome VQ. That was a quality beatdown. Amazing how just carrying the rock from station to station, they get heavy real quick.

    For everyone who is not on Twitter, think about getting on. You’re missing out on a lot that F3 has to offer.

    We need to get a 2nd F function on the books. Sound off below with your thoughts. I’m thinking some Thursday night or maybe we just push the next HDHH and go! I’d love to hang with some of you guys who I only see in the gloom.

      1. LawDawg

        To be honest, I hadn’t thought about M’s and 2.0’s, but I’m down with that. Setting a date/time will be harder for that…

        Cookout at a park maybe? Bring your own meat and beverages with a side to pass?

        On a Sunday afternoon?

        If we wanted to do Pax only, just pick a night and a place to meet?

        1. Kato

          One idea is to do a nice, leisurely, run on Wednesday morning’s that’d give guys a chance to talk and get to know one another while running. We could call it the Satisfaction cruise. I’ll be everyone (Mattress King included) would be up for something like that.

  2. Kato

    @Chachi: To be honest, I didn’t realize it was your VQ. Great job!….I never would’ve known it was your first time.

    Agree with @LawDawg. Just the notion of carrying the rocks around the AO was a workout. Typically, we just carry them to a circle close by, drop them and pick them up momentarily to do an exercise.

    Great to see @Ponch and @Sub Zero back out this morning.

    We had a bunch of guys missing this morning; which is going to happen with vacations in the summer months. With that said, let’s not let guys fall off the radar. Let’s all be mindful of guys that miss a couple of posts and reach out to them.

  3. Sugar

    Great job @Chachi! Really enjoyed the workout – it was hard and different which of course made it fun. And we pretty much saw all of the AO. Enjoyed the muscle ups. As a testament to improvement the first time I had to do those last fall I could only do one!

    Family cook out sounds fun – I think a Sunday afternoon would work well.

    HDHH – I’m always up for that!! There is the usual MECA HDHH at Carolina Ale House at 7 and I’ve been to that a few times – good to meet other PAX from the region. Or we could have a Rolling Stone HDHH somewhere. Doesn’t matter to me. As long as there’s beer involved I’m flexible!!

    Ditto on the Twitter thing. Best way to stay informed as it’s the primary comm method for F3.

  4. Mattress King

    @Chachi I thought your VQ was Thursday, had to come into work early today, didn’t think I would miss it, but I did. Sounds like you did good. I broke my toe last Wednesday, which it really only kept me from last Thursdays workout, I didn’t realize how much it would hurt later on. I would love to have a cook out, we really don’t get to talk much at the workouts, so it would be a real good chance to really get to know some of you.

  5. WaterBoy

    @chachi great vq. I enjoyed and you did a great job. I’m in for a 2nd f event. I t would be good to see everyone outside of the gloom.

  6. Stretchy

    Great job, Chachi. I like the strengthening exercises and the variety.
    I think its great idea to get together, I’m in.

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