Breakfast at The Ridge

24 got their fair share of ciabatta at The Ridge this morning. Except those that liked running. But they weren’t leading, soooo…..

Short mosey around the lot and circle up
SSH x15
Slow Mericans x10
Slow Air Squats x10
Windmill x10

Tha Thang
Ciabatta (known as tabata to the outside world) – 8 sets of an exercise, 20 seconds on (AYG, keeping good form), 10 seconds off. 30 second break between rounds. The exercises were:
Jump Squats
Mericans/Plank (alternate, unless you’re Schedule C, in which case you just do whatever you want)
Line Hops (alternate between forward-back and side-to-side)
CDDs/Air Presses (alternate)
Reverse Crunches
Apollo Ohnos

Backward Run half way across the lot, then sprint to the end. Backward run half way down the road, then sprint back to the cars and circle up for…

Low Flutter x50
Pretzel Crunch x25 each side


1. Thanks for humoring me today. I don’t care what BBQ says, he can’t make me like running. Does seem to be catching on with Paris, though.
2. Tclaps to BBQ, Nautilus and Wildcat for the pre-workout runs. It’s like they knew I was Q or something…
3. Welcome out to HoneyDo (fka Michael Wright). Why HoneyDo? #showtoknow
4. #kotters to Shock. Great to see him back out there in the mix.
5. Right after the Blackhawks’ loss last night, I added an 8th round (Burpees) to the list, but ran out of time. Next time.
6. Thanks to Ribshack and Posh for keeping me honest on the number of sets.

Pax Tibi,

5 thoughts on “Breakfast at The Ridge

  1. Nautilus

    Thanks for the lead @Gamma. 8 rounds of jump squats after running in had my legs burnin.

    1. Clueless

      Yeah… jump squats do get the burn rolling. I didn’t do a pre-run and was burning too.

      Solid lead Gamma! And… I don’t mind minimal running either.

  2. BBQ

    Nice lead @Gamma. Simple but effective.

    Tclaps to see @Shock back out. Guess all my nagging at the community pool worked. Today’s workout definitely improved the pool bod. @Schedule C, you got anymore samples of your spray-on tan? The gloom doesn’t help with this all natural physique.

    Welcome out @HoneyDo! Tclaps to @Short Circuit on the name.

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