A Birthday Beatdown

18 men gathered in the gloom for a post #Bear beatdown.  YHC was actually feeling much better than Saturday when he finished just ahead of the injured.  @TheNanny brought the birthday sash and glasses for @Gump, disclaimer given, disclaimer expounded upon as requested by said birthday boy (FNG was present and @Gump wanted him to be well informed) and we were off.

Mosey over to MS parking lot while avoiding @Google’s earth friendly ride (while YHC is a big fan of @Google and reducing our carbon footprint, I confess this video clip comes to mind whenever I see his car –  Walter’s view of a Prius).  @Google was able to park and join the PAX without missing a single SSH.

Warm Up

  • SSH x 19
  • IST x 17
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Windmill x 13
  • Merkin x 11

The Thang:

Divide into 4 groups and each group takes one corner of a makeshift square in the parking lot.  The first corner performs Merkins while counting cadence for the other groups who are doing LBC, Carolina Dry Dock and Low Flutter in their respective corner.  The goal was to allow all the PAX to get some experience counting as a small group and hopefully make being the Q a little easier.  @Gump had already removed his birthday regalia by this time.

  • Each group rotated through every exercise 3 times and leading the count at the Merkin corner
    • 10 count rotation
    • 15 count rotation
    • 10 count rotation

Along the parking lot row closest to the MS 3 stations were created for the beginning (squats), middle (plank) and end (lunges) of the row.  A group was placed at each station while the other group ran from the end back to the beginning in a row.  Welterweights (170lbs) and below were encouraged to run the row farthest away from the MS.  Light heavyweights (205) and above were encouraged to run the middle row.  Those between the two could pick their lane.

The 3 stations performed its assigned exercise while the 4th group ran.  Once the runners arrived, runners received a brief rest while squats moved to plank and plank moved to lunges.  The group about to run received a brief rest as well until every station was occupied.

  • Cycled through this 3 times.
  • Changed squats to jump squats/plank to Peter Parker/lunges to jumping lunges and cycled through 2 more times.

Mosey back for MARY

@Gump having redonned in his birthday regalia was given the privilege of choosing the first exercise and selected LBC.  To the amazement/amusement/dismay/anger (pick your emotion) of the PAX, the birthday boy called cadence for 48 LBC (one for each of his illustrious years on the Big Ball).  With a 48 count on LBC, time expired.



  • Happy Birthday @Gump!  Well played with the 48 LBC.  YHC was in the “amazement/amusement” category.
  • Welcome FNG Darryl and t-claps to @Charmin for the EH to get him into the gloom.
  • #Kotters to @Chief and it did not go unnoticed you chose the #RedPill and ran the welterweight route.
  • It wasn’t mentioned this morning, but Preschool has a 2.0 who had surgery this morning to repair a broken elbow.  Remember them in your prayers.
  • Always an honor to lead my F3 brothers.
  • Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Beatdown

  1. Charmin

    @ Alcatraz – Great workout today. Perfect follow up to the Bear. My calves were happy we did not run all around campus today. Good call staying away from Skyline.

  2. The Nanny

    @Alcatraz Solid beatdown today. Meat and potatoes. The daily downpainment I needed. The format was great – gave us a chance to practice cadence calling and allowed us to hang out in a small group which was awesome for 2ndF.

    @Charmin @Conchito @Wheaties @Google Really enjoyed the mumblechatter, sports nutrition topics, and general camaraderie.

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