Silver Bullet Express Back Blast

Spectacular morning for a jaunt on the Silver Bullet Express. Three-Quarter Moon stayed with us through sunrise. Small but strong group of riders.

The Thang:
SSH X 15
Good Morning X 15
Windmill X 15
Imperial Walker X 15
Arm circles Small 15 each way
Mountain Climber X 15
Arm circles Large 15 each way
Low, slow squats
Jacobs Ladder x 10 Dips. 50 yard run, Merkins
11’s peter parker stairs Freddy Mercury
Russian Twist X 25
Heels to Heaven X 15
Double Protractor
Dolly X 15
Rosalita X 15
LBC X 15
Stretches – Led by DA

The Naked moleskin:
There are new and different reasons for staying in the FS for the F3 Leadership to consider adding to the master list of excuses.
My wife is making me go to the beach!
I had to play soooooooooo much golf this week that I am tired!
The drywall sanders may come early so I better stay home!
My wife is making me go to Europe again.
My wife is making me go to Europe again for a three week long boat ride. Not your usual slow boat to China.
Then there is the perennial: I will ignore it and therefore it does not exist. Will not miss a thing.

So, what happened? DA was in rare form; very, very dry mumble chatter from our Pax in charge of counting. Either the audio department was really tired or the workout was just not hard enough. Our War Baby, DeMille, was strangely quiet the entire workout. Our war Daddy, Horse, font of knowledge, wisdom, exercise names and boundless energy did not even break a sweat. Told us that running is like resting – really? Also, was very clear that “Ready, Begin” is a very poor substitute for “In Cadence, Exercise”! You have to love this group.

Toward the end, YHC began to experience some challenges keeping up with Horse and our Conductor. Interesting situation.

We need to call some of our other Pax and remind them that staying in the FS shortens their life span and adversely impacts their performance in other areas as well!

Thanks for letting me lead. It’s been awhile. This is a great group.