OK Guinness, I gave Burpees a chance!

20 Manly, muscled Men Of MeCa(say that 10 times!) showed up for a nice easy workout instead of doing The Bear.  It was great to see many of the FNG’s from last Saturday back and drinking a large dose of the F3 kool-aid!  I was expecting a smaller crowd, so was excited to see 20 men show.

Mosey to the field and straight to the business end of this puppy!

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 5 x Burpees
  3. 20 x Mountain Climbers
  4. 5 x Burpees
  5. 20 x IST
  6. 5 x Burpees
  7. 20 x Michael Phelps
  8. 5 x Burpees
  9. 20 x Squats
  10. 5 x Burpees
  11. 20 x LBC
  12. 5 x Burpees
  13. 20 x Merkins
  14. 5 x Burpees
  15. 20 x Lunge
  16. 5x Burpees
  17. 20 x reverse crunch
  18. 5 x burpees
  19. 20 x Hand Release Merkins
  20. 5 x burpees

Line up for 6 x 100 yard sprints(vary sprints, flat out, backwards, karaoke, etc)

  1. 20 x WWII sit-ups
  2. 5 x Burpees
  3. 20 x Sumo Squats
  4. 5 x Burpees
  5. 20 x Wide Merkins
  6. 5 x Burpees
  7. 20 x The W
  8. 5 x Burpees
  9. 20 x Bobby Hurleys
  10. 5 x Burpees
  11. 20 x Diamond Merkins
  12. 5 x Burpees
  13. 20 x The Squirm
  14. 5 x Burpees
  15. 20 x Jump Squats
  16. 5 x Burpees
  17. 20 x Merkins
  18. 5 x Burpees
  19. 20 x Hello Dolly
  20. 5 x Burpees

Line up for 6 x 100 yard sprints(vary sprints, flat out, backwards, karaoke, etc)

Line up at end of field – cacka-lacka-choo-choo down the field and back

Mosey back to parking lot

Sorry guys, but there is time to finish everything on my weinke!!

Prisoner Merkins 1-10

What goes up must go down

Prisoner Merkins 10-1

The Burped out Moleskin;

  1. 100 burpees in 30 minutes is no joke!!  give yourselves a pat on the back!  If you weren’t able to complete it, don’t worry, I like to bring this workout out a couple times a year ;).  so get practicing!!  I am sure @Pharoah will be over soon to give you a taste of some more burpees.
  2. I hate burpees.  Thats why I do them when I Q.  Take on your struggles and beat them!  #Ironsharpensiron
  3. I saw many men pushing through the pain this morning, #Preamble, #Jordache to name a few!!
  4. #King Julian is the FASTEST man at Davis Lake!!  Who dare to take him down!!

9 thoughts on “OK Guinness, I gave Burpees a chance!

  1. The Farm

    T-claps to @Dingo for coming over to deliver a serious beatdown while on the mend. You were right, the hill was NOT needed. I also didn’t expect to see so many men this morning. I tried to dole out a little mumblechatter as repayment for last week but it’s hard to do with 100 burpees. Also men, the CPA in me would like to point out that we also did 220 merkins! Strong effort!

    1. Dingo Post author

      Aye, I thought about counting up the merkins….but it hurt my back…..

      Also, in the rest of the Pax’s defense, King Julian may just have had the best grip on his shoes to grab the “fastest man” title!! #slipperysurface but the trophy is his to keep until he is toppled!

      Jordache – I hope you are ok after your fall??

      @major pain – strangely quiet this morning?? You ok bro?

      @Jelly – you are welcome for me making you more manly 😉

      Enjoy the quick coffeeteria. Sorry I had to run, kids have to swim, dad has to watch

      Speaking of coffeeteria, what was up wit hose chairs?? Cmon chick-a-fil-a!! I expect more!!

      1. Coyote

        Yea I see how everyone laughed at my Michael Phelps but now it’s in the workout!

  2. Dutch

    T -Claps @Dingo I tried to delete this one from my painFULL experinces of F3 when you doled it out at tradition, and was hoping that with all the busy ness of raising 6 kids you woiuld have forgotten about it too…. glad I did not ask about the content of the Q prior. Great beat down ….once it was over. it was a great stamina builder too!

    now go lose that winky in your house somewhere

    1. The Farm

      Wait…is this the one that he started with how many calories burpees burn? I feel like I remember a workout when he said it takes x number of burpees to burn the calories in one can of soda. If that’s the same workout, I had completely erased it from my memory until now.

    2. Dingo Post author

      Thanks Dutch…..I think?…….

      No chance of losing it. Just gonna increase the number of burpees and switch out some of the exercises 😉

  3. Chicken Strip

    I hate that I had to miss this one and ruin my Davis Lake perfect attendance already. Great example in leading by doing what you hate but need the most of Dingo, that’s how I try to Q hence the merican fests. Hope to see you all Tuesday.

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