Toying With My Emotions

  • 5:20 AM – YHC Shows, Hmmm, no one here?
  • 5:25 AM – I guess no one is going to show.  It won’t be the first time ol’ Solo Cup has to gut it out on his own.
  • 5:28 AM – Guess I’ll just mosey over to the track and do a few slow jogs around…no one will be the wiser
  • 5:29 AM – Damn, @BanjoBoy and @TheMagnificent show.  I guess I am really going to have to do this
  • 5:30 AM – @ET, too?
  • 5:31 AM – Strange truck pulling in, I think it is @Gamma, @BanjoBoy says “It can’t be, it’s a Ford” (he was wrong about the truck model) It’s @SidVicious?!

5 men stepped up to the challenge this morning to get a little faster. Some of us had a little further to go.  Other’s were just toying with our emotions.

The Thang

No surprise here.  800’s. I learned from the best,

  • 1600 meter Mosey (Warmup)
  • 6 x 800 m with 2 min cool down between sets.
COT/ Solo Cup


  1. HC for The Bear, unless you are busy nesting.
  2. F3 Dads:
  3. F3 Harrisburg Family Cookout: Saturday, June 13th at 2:00 PM at Gamma’s house. Bring a salad, side or dessert to pass. We’ll be eating around 5pm. Beverages will be provided.
  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  This was my first #Acceleration back from most recent bout with tendinitis.  It was a tough one.
  2.  Apparently we were boring @TheMagnificent as he had to make it a little more sporting by giving us a 150 meter head start/slow mosey before blowing the doors off of me and almost catching @BanjoBoy at the end of the first set.  I didn’t go unnoticed that the “lead” was cut to 100 meters after that.  Your’e toying with my emotions Smokey
  3. Strong work by all. Particularly proud of @SidVicious. He kept digging until the end.
  4. I think @ET talks more than @Hootie at this thing…



3 thoughts on “Toying With My Emotions

  1. Hootie

    @Solo – while I have no doubt our Extra Terrestrial friend has the lung capacity to share the same volume of words that YHC does, I would strongly question the quality of the rhetoric that is spewed. Quality is what folks are looking for…not just quantity. You and the rest of the Harrisburg faithful just so happen to be blessed with someone like the Hootinanny that is able to combine the two into a masterful verbal performance. It’s natural.

  2. SoloCup Post author

    @Hootie, in contrast to the verbal jousting you provide during your typical weekend post, @ET offers subjects for group discussion. He prefers to hear the thoughts and ideas of the PAX on a variety of subjects, rather than the sound of his own voice.

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