Parking Deck Fun Part 2 – 2.0 WOD

Warm up:
Mosey around parking lot once.
SSH x25
IST x25
Plank Jacks x15
Mosey to fire pit:
-10 step ups with left leg
-10 step ups with right leg
-10 tricep dips
 The Thang:
Mosey to hill behind ASEC.
-Bear crawl up hill and do 20 LBC’s
-Crabwalk down hill and do 2 Merkins
-Repeat decreasing LBC’s by two and increase Merkins by two
Mosey to Rock Pile and grab a rock.
-Upright rows x15
-Curls x15
-Military press x15
-Prisoner squats x15
-Lunges across parking lot
Repeat decreasing reps to10, then 5.
Mosey to Mary.
Aye Photon