The Jail House Rock

12 of The Precincts willing hearted awoke this morning and headed out to better themselves as Men. When they arrived at Prisoner Check-In and 5:30 hit, they were in for something New to the PAX, and somthing us Precincters call our own now; “Jail House Rock” … and It goes like this…

Begin: Disclaimer, etc…

Run down to P-Church Rd and Back to Prison Yard for…

The 5 Sections of Rock, and Roll. 

1st Section: 5 Burpees & 20 Merkins

2nd Section: 5 Burpees & 20 Jump Squats

3rd Section: 5 Burpees & 20 WWII Sit Ups

4th Section: 5 Burpees—-→Bear Crawl across The Field of Tears

5th Section: 5 Burpees & 25 Muscle Ups —————– Run around the Rosy and REPEATO↵

When 6:05am Hit; we summoned eachother and Ran back to P-Church Rd and Back to Prisoner Check In.

The Beatdown Moleskin: Nice, hard, painful work today gentlemen. This will be something we’re going to try and do regularly(monthly). It was DEF. not easy, nor Fun, and that’s mostly why we’re going to do it again!!  Good work today! 

Striker: 4.0

Dog Catcher: 4.0

Reverend: 3.3

Dirty Bird: 3.3

Man Down: 3.2

Hot Wheels: 3.0

Prison Fruit: 3.0

Frostbite: 3.0

Field of Dreams: 2.3

Blood Sport: 2.3

Trail Mix:  ?

Growler: ?



4 thoughts on “The Jail House Rock

  1. Prison Fruit Post author

    Hope you PAX enjoyed this beatdown today. When @striker said to me… “That was one of the harder workouts done in long time”(and note, he didn’t lap anyone either), I knew we had a good challenge today! #toughwork #strongwork by all!

  2. Man Down

    That sucked…in lots of great ways! Need to throw some pull-ups or cinderblock curls into the mix to make it a total body beatdown. Nice job PF!

    1. Prison Fruit Post author

      Aye! Maybe take out the Merkins and replace with CB curls? With the CinderBlocks, might run into a Too Many using at once and someone has to wait. Maybe we get a few more over near the yard to help with that.

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