Rolling with the Stoners


Mosey w/ Hi Knees, Butt Kickers, Skips and Lunges

Circle up at front of school

SSH x15 IC

Mountain Climber x15 IC

Merkin x15 IC

Plank Jack x 0 IC

Mosey to bus lot

100 yard sprint at 50%

100 yard sprint at 75%

100 yard sprint at 100% (seems several pax were sandbagging)

Mosey to split rail fence

Dips x20 IC

Low Derkins x10 IC

Dips x20 IC

High Derkins x7 IC

Mosey to Loop and partner up

P1 – Burpees

P2 – Crawl Bear up the stairs-run to sidewalk-bear crawl to end of SW-run to P1

repeato until 100 Burpees per team

P1 – LBCs

P2 – Bunny Hop up the stairs and run loop back to start

repeato until 300 LBCs per team

Mosey to Rock Pile

Bicep Curls 10x IC

Chest Press 10x IC

Bent Over Row x10 IC

Tricep Extensions x10 IC

Mosey to Mary

Mason Twist

Crunchy Frog

Low Flutter

Low Dolly


The W

6 thoughts on “Rolling with the Stoners

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    @Kato @Pax – Thanks for letting me fill in for my friend Dingo! Love to be at the Rolling Stone AO. Hated the burpee – loop idea! Great work by all and way to team up to get everyone through the workout. Nice work by the FNGs!

  2. Kato

    @Pharaoh….we were all prepared to fill in for @Dingo’s absence (get better brother) but when you pulled up, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask you to Q as I really enjoy your workouts. Thanks for stepping up when I put you on the spot and for pulling off a great workout on the fly. The partner burpees were awesome/horrible.

    @Sub Zero, @Ponch: Way to hang in there for your first workout. I was spilling merlot (throwing up) long before Mary (ab workout) on my first post. You guys did great and I look forward to seeing you back out soon.

    @Water Boy: Thanks for taking the charge on the pullup bars. To be honest, I’d written off pullups for this AO. We’ll have you to thank if we’re able to get it approved/installed.

  3. Sugar

    @Pharaoh – I always enjoy your workouts – tough and well lead – thanks for Q-ing this morning!

    @Ponch, @Sub Zero, good job this morning and I look forward to seeing you guys out next Tuesday. @Pharaoh was my first Q as well so I know how you felt. (Actually I know exactly how you felt cause I was there!) Even after 8 mos. of F3 they’re still tough but I’ve gotten stronger and you will too, just keep coming out. The most painful fun you’ll ever have!!

  4. WaterBoy

    Thanks for leading Pharoh! Btw thanks for the contact for a shot at the pull-up bars also. Tclaps!

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