Parking Deck Fun – Part 2


Warm Up:

Mosey to whatever random parking lot that was;

SSH x20

Hillbillies x20

Cotton pickers x20

The Thang:

Another day, another Parking Deck.

Starting on the ground level:

– LBC x25

Run the stairs to the top level.

– First Corner Merkins x15

– Sprint to the next corner =

squats x15

– Sprint to the next corner =

burpees x10

– Sprint to the next corner = mountain climbers x25

– Down the stairs to the bottom level – Crunchy Frogs x25

-Sprint back to the starting corner and repeat.

Half of the PAX started with the LBC corner, the other half started with crunchy frogs and went in reverse direction : 4 sets were completed by all.

Mosey back to Mary

– Homer to Marge – 2m

– Audible (hipbone) chair lifts x20

– plank variations – 1m


A crisp 60 degree AM with plenty of cloud coverage made for optimal workout conditions for the 15 PAX that chose to rise from the Sackus de Fartus and put their bodies to work. Great efforts across the board even though today was a reminder of how sore some of us were from Exit 54s’ Weds. parking deck beat down.

I must admit, I was distracted for most of the morning looking for “a guy in a hospital gown” that the PD came asking about. Anyone gets an update on that one, let us know.

It was  my pleasure to lead this fine group of gentlemen.


Bay City Roller