Give Burpees A Chance

15 of Traditions finest came out into the gloom for another F3 beatdown. Well done!  Although, I think that I heard some mumblechatter about Burpees.  Like someome said, “What’s a Burpee?”  No. it’s not what follows a pat on a baby’s back.  Here, let Dino show you:  Did you notice that a Burpee includes a jump?  Yeah, that’s a Burpee.  Just saying’.  Anyway, here’s what happened:

Mosey to Warmorama

1. Side Straddle Hop x15
2. Imperial Storm Troopers x15
3. Cotton Pickers x15
4. Burpees x 10

Mosey to Business Park doing Reverse Indian Runs

Burpees x10
Lap 1 around the building: Lunge, Bunny hop and run backward around the building
Merkens X10
Lap 2 around the building: Partner piggy back, running hop sideways
Jump squats
Lap 3: Run, Run backward

Mosey to Outback doing Indian Runs reverse

Burpees X10                                                                                                                                      Bobby Hurley (block not throw) X10
10 Chin ups
10 Pull ups

Mosey to Mary
1. LBC x11
2. Mason Twist x11
3. Squirm x11
4. Mind Bender                                                                                                                                          5. Homer to Marge x5

COT:                                                                                                                                  Announcements: The Bear this Saturday.  Map My Run.                                                                 Prayer

See you in the gloom!

11 thoughts on “Give Burpees A Chance

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice workout Guinness. Thanks for having some modifications set aside for me because of my wrist. I appreciate it brother.

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    Awesome beatdown Guinness! Definitely made me feel like I was on a cruise today, but it was good stuff. Thanks for leading!

    1. Dingo

      Good stuff Guinness! I especially enjoyed the running and the mumblechatter! Not so much the burpees…….

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Great beatdown @guiness! I liked the reverse indian run. ezier. Glad I got in some running which is an area I want to improve in. Good pace.

  4. Guinness Post author

    @Pax, Thanks for the opportunity to Q. I am grateful for the privilege.

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