"Q" Squared

Four smart men looked forward to a morning of stretching and recovery for their tired, sore muscles in order to reduce potential future injury.  Two “Q”s shared the spotlight to whip everyone in shape.  It went kinda like this….

Warmup (Clueless) “X” denotes cadence

  • SSH IC x10
  • Windmill IC x10
  • 4 Count Merkin x5

Yoga Series 1(Othello)

  • Mountain Pose (5 Hatha Breaths)
  • Vinassa: Plank-Down Dog-Up Dog-Left Leg Runners Pose (Repeato other leg)

Plank Series (Clueless)

  • Low Plank Hold
  • Low Plank w/ Toe Taps In/Out x5 each way
  • Low Plank w/ Toe Taps In/Out & Knees Up/Down x3 each way
  • SeeSaw x10 OYO
  • Cat to Cow, Childs Pose

Yoga Series 2 (Othello)

  • Vinassa: Plank-UD-DD-Runners Pose (L) – Warrior 1 (Repeato other leg)
  • Vinassa: Plank-UD-DD-RP (L)-Warrior 1 – Warrior 2 – Reverse Warrior (Repeato other leg)

Side Plank Series (Clueless)

  • Side Plank Hold (flap jack)
  • Side Plank Hip Ups IC x5 each way
  • Side Plank w/ Toe Taps IC x5 each way
  • Happy 2.0, Ball
  • Superman, Rocketman, Superman pulses, Rocketman pulses

Finale Stretch (Othello)

  • Legs Train Tracks, L Leg in Front, swan dive over front leg, stretch
  • Repeato other leg



  • HC for the Bear (http://f3nation.com/?s=the+bear) – Finalize details tomorrow/Friday
  • Bootcamp Thursday – The Ridge – Clueless has the Q (Start stretching your shoulders/hamstrings NOW!
  • Acceleration Friday – The Ridge Middle School Track – SoloCup has the Q
  • Kettle Bells Friday – Stallings Road Park – Tumbler has the Q
  • Prayers needed for…
    • Billygoat’s son
    • Sundail’s “new” baby
    • BanjoBoy’s “soon to be” baby
    • All the HB PAX doing the Bear this Saturday
    • Anyone else who needs a prayer 🙂

COT – BanjoBoy led us out




2 thoughts on “"Q" Squared

  1. Othello Post author

    Thank you for allowing me to “Co-Lead” with Master Clueless – an honor! I hope you all felt the benefits of the stretch today men. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Warrior One makes for a great alternative workout – if you don’t show you won’t know. Clueless – Plank with toe taps are a lot harder than they look – thanks for a great core series!

  2. Clueless

    Great work and co-lead Othello! Enjoyed the mix up and splitting out the exercises. You are spot on… Warrior One is an outstanding workout and great alternative to beating up the body. Thanks for partnering up! I always enjoy your leads.

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