Lessons in the Lexicon for @Sprinky-dink

Word spreading on the corner of Fairview and Mint Hill-Matthews (TBH, the Hill really should have top billing) Rd. is that @Sprinkles was looking to increase his knowledge of the lexicon. YHC was happy to oblige so the self-proclaimed “best athlete in MeCa” could improve comz with @Sprinkles-M.Beta (like a 2.0 but in reverse) after #LarryBirding the Q in the #gloom. Another nine PAX decided to ignore the #disclaimer, take the #DRP and mosey along for the ride. This be what went down (fer-realz.) #Cobains for errors in recollection or recap but it’s close enough… there may even be some heavily-breaded #truthnuggets

The Thang
Mosey the loop around the parking lot… too bad we couldn’t use those industrial headlamps.
Imperial Storm Trooper X 19 IC
Merkins X 10 IC
Mountain Climbers X 10 IC
Larry Craigs X 10 IC (maybe we should have done these outside the restroom)
Windmills X 10 IC

AYG to the circle wall – 10 muscle ups – AYG back; Plank
AYG to circle benches – 20 derkins – AYG back; Plank

General non-directional Mosey (YHC has no idea where he’s going or what’s coming next #lifelesson) to pavilion
People’s chair relay around pavilion (@MapleSyrup shows his wheels – they raise ’em to be fast in the Green Mountain State)
Step ups X 20 IC
Derkins X 10 IC

Mosey to Pork Chop Hill (Great hill! It’s a monster. Really signature piece. Actually, @Sprinkles told me to play this up. Seriously though – great name once I got the lesson from @Deuce; almost feel bad for my “single piece of limp bacon” reference. Almost.)
One Legged Burpee Ladder – pick one leg for round one (don’t worry @ToolMan, we’ll be back to even things out.)
Run up hill – 14 calf raises at top (descend in twos each time up)
Run down hill – 1 one-legged burpee at bottom (increase by one each time down)

Mosey to raquetball/squash/blind volleyball/pickle ball court
Half of a People’s Chair relay
Donkey Kicks X 10 IC
Balls to the wall until failure (@Colonel takes the podium today – I think it was his spread eagle technique; or maybe the cooling feature on his shorts)
Second half of People’s Chair relay
Shake it out – accompanied by @DropThrill’s best Taylor Swift impression… not bad.

Mosey back to Pork Chop Hill
Repeato of the One-Legged Burpee Ladder (other leg)
Looks like @Lionheart and @MikeandIke are #sugarrays in training

Mosey back to nice grassy area for Mary
Reverse crunch X 19 IC
Pretzel crunch left X 10 IC
Pretzel crunch right X 10 IC

COT (thanks for taking us out, @Colonel!) and BOM (T-claps to the Hydration Q – it’s now a thing, @Capri!)

– Official Mint Hill Launch – June 13, 0700 @ Veterans Park – EH your (male) neighbors and friends
– The Bear – June 6, 0600 @ Highland Creek Elementary – you won’t regret it… @Toughskins and @Sprinkles already regret that they’ll be #DownRange this weekend
– The Shield (3rd F) – tonight at 8pm; DM me on your Twitter-machine if you want the address.

Nakedman Moleskine
– Back to back double digit posts for Piledriver – love it. Strong growth already and it’s not even official yet! Keep EHing. Let’s put an end to #SadClown Syndrome.
– Great work by all the PAX this morning. Way to keep moving, forging ahead, persevering. Lots of #HIMs in this crowd. Love it!
– Thanks for the opportunity to Q, @Deuce <— #HIM defined. Keep planting those flags like you’ve been (call #811 before you dig). #Cobains to all the PAX who were expecting a celebrity Q, but @CamNewton cancelled. Said something about having to go sign some papers.
– Additional #Cobains for PAX who were expecting more #mumblechatter out of YHC (it’s part of the Chowder brand) but Qing isn’t always conducive to that. Heck, neither are one-legged burpees. @Colonel tried his level best to get YHC cranked up, but once Mary starts, it’s kinda too late. I promise to be back and bring the chatter with me (i.e., clown car with @Gump, @Gamma, @Hootie and @Dingo)

8 thoughts on “Lessons in the Lexicon for @Sprinky-dink

  1. Chowder Post author

    Thanks again fellas. T-claps to all on the outstanding effort… especially on the return to Pork Chop Hill. Keep it up. Looking forward to coming back with my #mumblechatter in full force.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    I am still thinking about the first class service of the #HydraQ, Water bottle hand delivered during COT… WOW! When is the next beatdown, I am going to tell my friends.

    You men have a healthy AO with a couple old #Tomatoes lerking around. Watch out!

    Eventhough it’s not official, you men have a good core group to grown from. T-claps on prework to get all those #Sadclowns out of the #fartsack.

    @Sprinkles – I think @Chowder had it out for you today. The @MECA #Nantan was out for blood in the gloom. Good thing you have thick skin brother.

    1. Chowder Post author

      I have to concur on the white glove bottle service in da club. Felt like FloRida, Pitbull and Johnny Manziel all rolled into one. #quetheDJ

      As for @Sprinkles, that boy can certainly hold his own… both on the turf and in the #mumblechatter department. I couldn’t even outrun him on 485… If he keeps posting like this, his tongue might eventually come out of his cheek.

  3. Deuce

    Thanks for the strong lead @Chowder! I now know an exercise I hate worse than Burpees: One-Legged Burpees.

  4. The Nanny

    @Chowder. Wow. I’ve been around F3 for a few months…and even I need that BB translated. Sprinks doesn’t have a chance.

    Looks like a great beatdown bummed that I missed it.

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