The Hills have Eyes – 2

22 of Highlands bravest made the best decision they will make all day and laced them up to explore the hills around Highlands.

Warm up: Mosey to parkway with

Knee upss….errr Stoli Skips.

Side skip left

Side skip right

mosey to lower parking lot.

25 x SSH

25 x Windmill

15 x Imperial Squat Walker

The Thing:

Mosey to Hill at the entrance.

7 to 1 ladder. Burpee at the top. WW2 sit up at the bottom

Mosey down back road to hills by the softball fields. Along the way the pax stopped twice for a set of 20 merkins.

Once at the hill.

7 to 1 ladder.  Derkins…errr Carolina Dry Docks (Thanks @Alcatraz…. Sorry @derby!)  at the top. Jumping lunges at the bottom. Run backwards up and bear crawl down.


Mosey to hill behind school.

7 to 1 ladder.  Air-squats at the top and Peter Parkers with a Merkin at the bottom.


Mosey to other hill. Snake run single file .. up and down several times. Mosey to Mary



25 x Low Flutter

30 x LBC (Sully)

15 x Low Dolly (sandman)



Thanks for joining me in the gloom this AM. Always a pleasure to lead the men of Highlands.  Last time we did this workout it was about 20 degrees out there. Felt good not to be on ice sheets coming down the hills. However, while there was no ICE.. There was a sniper in the hills and he took aim @Stoli’s calf on the last hill.  @Stoli never had a chance as he was  distracted by @choppers  enchanting tales of weekend activities at the Clark Creek pool.  But seriously… get well @stoli, looks like you pulled it pretty good.

-Please keep @sandmans father-in-law and family in your prayers. He is battling the big “C” and is battling a nasty infection.

-Highlands needs Q’s. Please step up and sign up. This is a peer led workout. Information is below on how to to sign up. You can also email me directly and I can walk you through the process. I can also partner up with anyone that wants to do their virgin Q

– Highlands Mettle is back!!!  After a long wintery break, @Gump will be leading the revival  of Mettle and has the Q next Monday. Bring a kettle bell.

The Bear is almost here: Saturday June 6th at 6AM. Check out the preblast here.

Mark your calendar for the next Shield: this Wednesday (6/3) at 8PM. Bootstrap will be hosting the session (9928 Nicole Lane in Highland Creek).

4 thoughts on “The Hills have Eyes – 2

  1. Grinder

    Additional Pax: Grinder, J Lo, one more?

    Good lead today @Bing …. wait, I meant @Google, yea, @Google. You kept us guessing today. I know he said derkin, but what did he REALLY mean?

    It’s never good to see a man go down like @Stoli did today, I hope you and Google both heal up quick.

  2. The Nanny

    @Google Ugh. That is a lot of ladders. Looks like a tough one.

    @Stoli ~3 years into this thing it is amazing it has not happened more often. Each of us will have our time to be on the IR. Hope it heals up quick.

  3. Stoli

    Only the “pop” in my calf could have distracted me from the exciting Chopper weekend recap conversation.

    Greatly appreciate everyone’s concern and prayers. Down and out for awhile. See you all in a few weeks.

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